Monday Mix // 32

10:29 AM

Hello Monday.

I have so much I need to get done in my house - and I keep procrastinating.  I spent so much time cleaning our storage area in the basement last week - I really want to get rid of all the extra things we haven't used in awhile.  Next, I just really need to start making some firm design decisions.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming with all of the choices available.  Each decision bringing you closer to your look - and of course I'll be living with these decisions for years and years.   All in all these are all positive things - I just need to get to work!

I found so many good things for this board that I had to pare it down.  I've loved that pink patterned rug for years.   I saw that gingham top in person last week, and need to get back to the store and try it on.  Love the look.  That pink calf hair clutch - seriously so pretty!  It's all so good!

Here are the the details ... and I'm going to type quick because somehow I just erased half of what I had written :(

How pretty is this linen headboard in gray.  It is offered in a Queen - oh, and also in pink linen. 

Pink Ikat Rug - as I mentioned I love it so much.  It would be pretty paired with that headboard.

Copper And Metal Sconce - my love of copper continues.  I would more than likely paint that wooden backplate though.

Mint Rolling Cart - handy in many rooms of the house.  Might just also be very nice as bedside tables.

Pink Calfhair Clutch - I love it - it's pretty, furry, and pink.  Why not!

I have been looking for a hanging rack solution for our laundry room, and I feel like this one just may work.   At 20 inches wide it would fit beside my window.  I like that their is wood on it - added warmth.  We will see.

Statement Malibu chandeliers - so STUNNING in both white-brown and blue.  Not a wrong decision to be be made between the two.

Rattan Armchair With Brass Details -  cushion is offered in a variety of colors, I liked both the solid cream and this stripe.

If we could just toss everything and start fresh!  I just may have an empty bedroom in my house soon that I can update.  It's so sad - my boys growing up - it's what they are supposed to do, but it-is-so-hard!!!  I'm the mom that absolutely LOVES having them around!  

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