Not A Monday Mix - Just Things I'm Loving Right Now :)

5:03 PM

I have been so quiet on this blog.  I'm not sure what my problem is.  Today I thought I would share some things that I have been enjoying a lot lately.

This pink dress is so adorable I can't even!  The back is so cute too.  It ties at the sides so you can wear it loose and flowy or more fitted.  I put it on and just sighed and smiled. I liked it instantly.  So comfortable.  Love it!

McDonald's Unsweetened Iced Tea - I feel like I'm having a treat - it tastes so good.  I find it sweet and at $1 for a large its a dollar well spent.  Also helps me hydrate.

I have found my new favorite tank tops.  I used to like the Old Navy tanks, but they discontinued the old style, and the new ones they came out with roll up.  That's the worst.  I found this tank and have been testing them out for the last month.  They are softer than what I was wearing, they wash and dry with no problems, and they stay put.  At around $6 each they are really helping me to enjoy wearing my tanks again.

Fun Employed - this game is so much fun!  We played it at Easter, and laughed so hard.  Each person at the table takes a turn at being the employer.  The other people are applicants for a job.  There are job cards and qualification cards.  The employer turns over a job card which each player is then applying for that job.  Each applicant gets 4 qualification cards to build their hand with.  Then there are 10 cards in the center.  We set our timer for 1 minute - in that time applicants can discard and pick up cards that they want to use to apply for the job.  At the end of the minute you start to play the game with the four cards in your hand.  You have to use the qualifications you have to describe how you would be a good fit - and some of the traits are just too funny!  Like I have a limp handshake is one of them.  Anyway, it was so much fun.  I would highly recommend it.

For our Easter table this year I added this set of salt and pepper shakers, and gold silverware.  All so-ooo good! (for the silverware go to Target's website & type in Graham Silverware.  It should load)

I don't have a lot of perfume (like this is bottle #3), but when I sprayed this Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume on at the store I knew it was one I would use.  It has a nice light orange scent.

Speaking of fruit - this Watermelon Juice is like drinking a watermelon - as it should be :)  Delicious!

Maybe I'm weird, but I like to snack on seaweed.  I often have it alongside my breakfast.  This teriyaki flavored organic roasted seaweed has less sodium than the original or the sea salt, and I'm now addicted to the flavor.   I had some this morning with my vanilla Noosa yogurt that I mix with a spoonful of Trader Joe's Raw Almond Butter or their Mixed Nut Butter

For the longest time I could never find low socks that would stay on my feet.  Problem finally solved with these socks - and how cute is the cat pair?  I am loving these - they are soft and stay on inside every pair of shoes or boots I have worn them with.  I'm happy about this find!

I just read this book - Everything - It's a teen book.   I liked the characters.  I could see them making a movie out of it.  I did have it figured out in the first few pages, but enjoyed it still. 

Lastly, my new Blush Tennis Shoes.  I'm wearing them as I type along with a pair of those socks.  I had Tretorn's years ago - these are just so lightweight and airy.  If you don't like pink there are a few other colors to choose from.  I just know I'm going to wear them so much this Summer. 

That's all for now.  It was good to get back on here and type away.  I think it's always fun to know what other people are using and enjoying.  Hopefully your into that too!

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