No. 1

2:30 PM

This is Guinness in the foyer with the urn.  Oh - this isn't Clue!  Anyhow - I brought this urn in from the great outdoors, stuffed the bottom with newspaper, covered the newspaper with natural colored tissue, made a big starburst out of comics, placed the starburst in the center of the pot, filled the edges with moss and tossed a lighted grapevine ball on top! It makes for a fun entry decoration.

Whew, I have been thinking about starting my Happenstance Home blog for such a long time and now here I sit pondering how I should begin. Despite the overall hustle and bustle of activity December really is the perfect time for me to figure this all out. The Christmas Season is one of my favorite times of the year. I look forward to pulling out all of the "treasures" I have collected and created. I love the extra sparkle and life that is added to the house. Ornaments are one of my favorite things to make and to stumble upon. Some years I am lucky enough to find a couple ornaments I really like and other years sadly pass without so much as a purchase. This year I have three trees decorated in their own ways. I'm thinking that's my limit! I will share them in an upcoming post. I like to wrap my packages, but not in traditional Christmas wrap. I will share that as well. I don't like the expected. I like to try and think outside the box. Thank you for taking a look and I look forward to sharing my love of decorating, crafting, cooking, great shops, fab finds and more!

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