More Progress In The Bathroom

2:39 PM

We finally can no longer see any of that  old wallpaper :)

Loving the cabinet instead of the fold out door.  The cabinet is going to be much easier to use, and it's not as deep so things won't get lost.  We also have 2 drawers which I like the idea of.

The walls and cabinet are going to be getting painted next.  Thank you for being super patient.  I think it will still take a little while.  I have to go find marble for the shower curb this week, and it could take a week to get that cut.  I have all of my hardware.  The light that will be over the sink came in broken so a new one is on order.  I have to pick out a paint color for the vanity.  I'm thinking a light gray. 

This is our fancy sink and countertop mock up.  The counter itself is made out of concrete - the sink is white - rectangular - and will sit on top of the counter.  I have not seen the countertop yet - or the vanity.  That makes me nervous - it's a BIG part of the room.  The vanity has 3 drawers, with a open space above them.  It is supposed to be along the lines of this vanity.

For a little more eye candy this is the hardware we are using.  I love it!  We are mixing the bronze with the polished nickel, and I like the pulls because the crystal plays off the nickel, and brings the bronze in.  The light over the sink is bronze, and the main light is RUSTIC!

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