Monday Mix // 43 - In My Closet Now

1:29 PM

This Monday I'm doing something a little different - take a peek at some of the new things I'm wearing now.  Casual, comfortable, affordable.  #1 for me is to feel comfortable in what I wear.

This scarf caught my eye in the checkout line - the color - apple guava.  It's going to go with every color of coat I own.

This lightweight top with the ruffle down one side reminds me of a purple top I had just like this back in the early 80's.  I loved it.  This one comes in 4 colors.

For the longest time I didn't wear shorts.  I'd wear a dress or skirt.  Last year I threw in the towel.  I've been wearing this denim short this Summer.

My first pair of Birkenstocks - they are so comfortable!  I chose the rose pink suede and they pretty much go with everything.

The colors on this flannel are what got me.  Yellow with pink and purple.  It's just fun.

At the moment this top is sold out, but things get returned so it's worth checking back on the website here and there.  It happens.  I got so many compliments on it when I wore it the other day - it was only $22.  I love it.

This pair of jeans is super soft.   You wear them - they don't wear you or weigh you down.  So good!

Cutest dress - little ruffle on the bottom.  Easy to wear.  Runs large.  Flowerbud Button Sleeve Dress - it was just 40% off in the store.

I was heading out to a football game & grabbed these suede high top slip on's last minute.  So glad I did.  They are comfy - passed the test & that means a lot.  They also come in Navy and are true to size.  

Lastly, a fun pop of color in this lipstick - shade Little Buddha.


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