Monday Mix // 45 - on Thursday - and Happy New Year!

2:58 PM

Happy New Year!

Our's has been very busy so far - but good!

The first level of our house is empty.  It was quite a job packing everything up, but nice to take a look at what was hiding up there and discard and donate some things.  It will definitely be a fresh start this year - and since I have lots of time at home with our dog while all this work is being done I'm now going through everything in all the other rooms of the house.  G and I did run a lot of errands together today - she went to Goodwill, the paint store, Lowe's, LLBean and Partridge Creek, Panera Bread, Post Office, and the Bank.  Oh, and PetSmart.  Now she is passed out!

Here is the first mix of the year - and it's Thursday today, not Monday, but that's ok.

I myself don't usually buy shirts in this material, but this high neck blouse is so pretty.

I picked this black and white extension cord up at Target before the holdiays.  It was on an endcap for $1.50 and I'm sorry I didn't grab all of them.  I used in on our kitchen Christmas tree, and it was so nice to have the glimpse of the cord be a pretty one.  I did see this same brand at Meijer so maybe they will start carrying the two toned cords.

Loving tapers and the brass holders above don't disappoint.  Can't wait until I can unpack mine :)

I got this clutch before Christmas and it is stunning.  The clasp is based on a vintage broach that the designer has in her collection.  The inside is hot pink.  They have a couple left in silver - but the gold is perfection!

While looking up this clutch to tell you about I found this ring.  Sad I didn't see this earlier.  They only have size 5 left - I love it!  They offer a matching set of earrings and necklace - just fyi.

Pretty lamp.

I could eat pizza every day of the week so I really like this doormat.

Need any extra cute storage - this piece is 36 inches wide and 4 feet tall so it's good for tight spaces.  Nice color too!

The Annette Rug will find it's way somewhere in our reno.  Love it!!!

Here is question to throw out there - These are the two different pendants I am considering for over our new island.  I like #1 because you can see through it so it would be light and airy.  #2 is just pretty cool and I haven't seen it everywhere.  Do you like one better than the other?  #1 - #2

How about a happy Rifle Paper Print.

And ...  this is the range :) we are getting.  I could write and entire post on white ranges with style.  I've gone back and fourth, but I think this is it.  My other last contender is this range.  It's either or, but I think it's the AGA.

Thank you for reading, and let me know your thoughts on the kitchen choices.  I'd love to hear from you!

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