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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heath Bar Cake

I've posted this recipe before, but it is good so here it is again.

Back in high school my friend and I were at her Aunts house.  Her Aunt made this for dessert.  It is a simple concept that you just throw together - use as much Heath as you like.  Also, I still think it tastes best when you buy the heath bars and crush them up in a little food processor.

Here is what you will need:

Betty Crocker White Cake mix - the only white cake mix I will buy (This probably sounds weird but the others remind me of playdough - the smell of it runs into the taste - it's not for me :) - I decided to share that so if you have had boxed white cake mix and hated it that might be why - stick with Betty!)

You will also need the eggs and Crisco vegetable oil to make the cake.  I make it the 3 egg white way.

Sanders Butterscotch Caramel dessert topping - Sanders is a Detroit classic, but you can use any caramel sauce

Original Cool Whip - let it come to room temp. so you can spread it

Heath Bars - I usually chop up the candy bars in a food processor.  Sometimes I grab a bag of Health pieces that they have near the chocolate chip area.  It works either way, but I think it tastes better using the candy bars.  If you want to use candy bars you will need 6 of them.  I used 5 last time I made this cake.

To assemble:

Make your cake mix as directed on the box.  After you have it all mixed and ready add 3/4 cups of crushed Heath.  You can add more or less if you wish - then just mix this in well, and pour batter into pan of choice.  I usually just use a 9 x 13 inch glass Pyrex dish, but I have to say the layer cake I just made was amazing!  You get more caramel sauce this way.  Bake the cake according to the package directions.

After the cake has cooled completely add a layer of caramel sauce - just like you would use frosting.  In the first photo I used 2 round cake pans so I put caramel sauce and more heath bar between the layers and on the top layer.

Now it is time  for some Cool Whip.

Finish the cake off by sprinkling it with more crushed Heath bar pieces.

I store this cake in the refrigerator because of the Cool Whip.  Just take it out right before serving.

Noah wants this every year as his Birthday dessert.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Birthday Boy And The Gift That Was A Hit

Noah just celebrated his birthday.  He is a really smart boy - plays sports - plays the saxophone and guitar - and is very kind and funny.  This year I decided to take a chance, and I ordered him a Makala Shark Ukulele in Blacktip .  Well, it was a hit!  It was in his hands and being used from the time he opened it until at least 3 hours later.  Then he picked it up again later in the night.  Yesterday after school, baseball practice, haircut, and dinner he was back at it.  Before long the house was filled with the sound of Over The Rainbow.   He went to the website  They have all kinds of current songs on there that you can learn to play.  I really admire his musical skills.  I was kinda surprised that even Josh was excited about the ukulele.  I showed him it the day before Noah's birthday, and with a big smile he told me a kid had one of those at school today!

Here N is getting his ukulele in tune.

This is the tuner ordered - Snark SN6 Clip-On Ukulele Tuner  

 Felt picks are also needed - I ordered these - Mahalo Felt Picks  

Isn't his wrap fun?  Cute animals with neon glasses wrap from World Market.  I bought this in the Winter just to have for their Birthdays!

He requested Heath Bar Cake.  Gosh it was good!
I will post the recipe again in a couple days.  It is something I have been making since high school.

He made me a card that got me teary!  See - he is so sweet.

Josh made me a card with a Whippet on it.

Above are just some of the colors Noah's ukulelecomes in.

The also carry the Kala Waterman Ukulele - take it to the water - the finish is protected.  Lots more colors in this style too!

I didn't purchase a music book - many people online mentioned that they learned online with websites and YouTube.  This seemed like a good option.  The photo above is the Ukutabs site Noah was using.  

So, that's a little peek into our lives, and a great gift idea really for any age.  Even I want to learn, and at this time I  have zero musical ability :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Brunch & An ADORABLE Mother's Day Video & Recipe For French Eggs

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.  I put together a little brunch.
It was fun to get out all of my colorful dishes and things.

I assembled French Eggs the night before.  I knew I wanted to go to church.  I decided to make this dish not only because it's really good, but because it could be thrown in the oven while I was out.  Oh, and church was good.  See the video below - they played this.  They also sang an Ingrid Michaelson song - Be O.K.  She is my favorite.  I had my morning cup of  Great Lakes coffee while enjoying it all with my Mom.

I picked up the Dahlia's at Trader Joe's on Saturday and just left them in the papers they were wrapped in.  

I also made lemonade + bought sparkling Trader's lemonade.  Picked up the chevron corrugated paper cups at Home Goods a while back.  Seriously grab things in the colors you like when you see them.   There wasn't a single new piece of anything that I had to purchase.  Most of what is out I have had for years.  

Also, since I gave out The Forest Feast cookbook I made the Apricot Bites from the book.  Someone had already stolen quite a few before this pic was taken.  Josh is in the background getting our new coffee maker ready to go.  It's very helpful to have a teen that likes to make coffee :)

My Mom and I.

Oh, and here is the video for Mom's.  What a cute kid.  Love this!

Also, here is the recipe for French Eggs.

French Eggs

White sandwich bread - I use Pepperidge Farms Very Thin White
1 lb. grated sharp cheddar - I use about 3/4 of a pound
1 lb. cooked bacon
4 eggs
2 c. milk - I use 2%
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. dry mustard

Butter enough bread to line a 9x13 glass Pyrex dish.  I spray my pan with Pam first.
Butter only one side of the bread and place it buttered side down in your baking dish.
Spread cheddar over this bread layer.
(I usually don't use this much cheese - just use what looks good to you)
Spread cooked bacon over this layer.  I crumble the bacon up.
Butter enough bread to cover the top of your baking dish.
Place the bread in the dish buttered side up.
Mix together the eggs, milk, salt, and dry mustard.
Pour this milk mixture over all of your layers.

Refrigerate overnight.
Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vol. 25 Art + $12 Perfect Frame

One of my favorite places for finding art is Volume Twenty Five  (aka Vol. 25.)

All of Jessica's art is printed on textured cotton canvas.  Prints can be purchased to frame or she also has beautiful science posters which are a very convenient way to get your art and simply take it out of the package and get it up on the wall.  I have even "framed" some of her work by attaching it to office clipboards and hanging them.  The prints are so unique and the canvas is such a high quality that they really can stand alone.

I wanted to show you a frame that I just found at Michael's that works perfectly with her artwork.

I have had the antler print series stashed away at my house for awhile.  A very long while :)  Finally I found this ...

It is a frame that is all glass - no mat.  Michael's - rang up for $12.  Fits 11 x 14 print perfectly.

If you find this frame and it seems a little distressed really get it anyway - it looks great with the artwork.

I have one more empty frame - this is the 11 x 14 I'm wanting to use in it.  Love the colors!

Right now I am planning on hanging them in my remodeled Laundry Room.  I still have to find hardware I like for the cabinets - and make a unique clothes drying rod out of pipe.  Oh, and figure out if I'm going to use natural wood shelves or white painted.  I think I'm leaning toward natural.   I just have to decide.  It's going to be a little while until I have everything finished - but I will share it soon.  Picture above is a sneak peek!

Here are some more choices you will find at Vol. 25.

Thanks for stopping by.

(photo's by me and Vol. 25)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Simple Mother's Day Gift Idea

It's almost Mother's Day!

My best gift EVER was my Noah!  I went to the hospital on Mother's Day night, and he came into the world the next day right at lunch.  It makes me so happy to see how much he likes it when the years line up and it's his birthday and Mother's Day on the same day.  He is such a sweet and caring boy :)  My heart overflows.

I wanted to write a quick post with a simple Mother's Day gift idea.

My approach to gift giving on Mother's Day and pretty much everyday is that it is the thought that counts, and I like to find something that is useful or just really pretty, but hopefully useful.  I don't think the gift has to be expensive, and really especially when the kids are little the best gifts are handmade and come from the heart.  No secret here that I adore the art my boys have created over the years.  I'd like more please - hint - hint.

This is last years gift for the Mom's in my life.

The Nesting Place Book which I really think is the best decorating book I have read to date - and I really mean read because you don't just look at the pictures with this book - it's a book you read from cover to cover - it is practical and enjoyable.  Myquillyn's perspective on decorating is so spot on.

To the book I added a cake recipe flour sack towel, and a cute pair of dish washing gloves.  Home Goods usually has the gloves.  The ones I gave out were pink and the cuff was decorated with a pink and green pattern.  Tied up with a simple ribbon and a handmade tag (made it out of a polka dot small envelope and gold foil heart sticker) the gift is ready to give and be used.

As for this years gift ...  I'm still working that.  

Spending time together is what is really matters, but it can also be fun to put on your thinking cap and come up with something fun.  If I want to keep it for myself then I feel it's a good choice.

Thanks for reading.  I need to not be such a stranger here.   I'm missing writing, and I have lots of things to share.    

Nesting Place Book
Retro Recipes Tea Towel - this is art goodies Etsy shop - I found mine on Scoutmob
Boston Warehouse Glamour Glove - exact gloves I found at HomeGoods

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mad Men Meets The Army Lounge

I just really quickly (like 40 minutes fast) made this idea board for a comfy mad men meets the army lounge.  The shiny accent table is a nod toward ammunition.   The mint table bottom and blockprint fabric lighten things up a bit.  It's really about the leather, the navy blue, and the military touches.

Thanks for reading and Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Comfy Clothes I've Been Wearing

I've mentioned before that I really like to be comfortable.

If my clothes aren't comfortable or if they don't feel like me then I feel edgy.  I've learned over the years it's better to dress the way you want to feel -  for my introverted self dressing to feel relaxed really helps.

Here are some of my favorite combinations I've been enjoying lately.

I pretty much wear jeans every day.  If not jeans then a dress quite possibly layered over jeans.  It's cold here in Michigan.  I did actually wear a dress with thick tights this week :)

The other item that I pretty much wear every single day of my life is this Old Navy tank.   Mini Mint and Peach Carnation are two of my favorite color's.   They are both very faint.  I have a neon pink from last summer that I love as well.  Other than that I wear the white, oatmeal, navy, charcoal, and black most often.  

The long sleeve T above is made by TNA.  I discovered it at a store called Aritzia.  First time shopping there this year - lots of choices.  I liked so much!  This is the softest T - looser fit - band at bottom, but it's a really relaxed band.  It doesn't make the shirt puff up at all.  There are lots of colors here.  I bought Heather White.  $35.00 each. 

Since this outfit is super simple I added pops of color with my Nixon watch (bought on Ebay) and locket from my Mom.  She was thinking I wouldn't like it.  I so like it!  The other side is silver and has my initial engraved into it.  I mostly wear it with the colorful side showing.  The locket is from Mark and Graham and they have lots of different colors here.  Mine is the Orange.

Can you see how comfy this fabric is?

Outfit #2 - Flannel shirt from Aritzia.  Anthropologie tank from 2 Summers ago.  Staple jewelry.  I would rather have a couple simple pieces of jewelry that I really like than a whole bunch of jewelry.  This necklace and rings pretty much go with everything.

This is my favorite tank ever.  So much detail.  I thought mixing it with flannel would be fun.  Pretty with the rough.

Detroit - Shinola - love how they are helping to make The Motor City shine.  Their shop is beautiful! 
You can find this watch here.

This is my most lived in top this Winter.  It is made of the most comfortable fabric on the planet.  The fit it loose.  It's great with skinny jeans.  LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!  I think it is sold out now.

Red crystal ring - have had for about 20 years.  It is from Baccaret.  Looking up their rings it doesn't look like they make them in full crystal anymore, but this ring is similar to mine.

So, Im no fashionista.  I think simple is better.  I don't think that things have to cost a lot to be good or look nice.  I have a J. Crew outlet necklace that I paid $9 for that is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I have, and it gets compliments every time I wear it.

Hope you enjoyed seeing into a bit of my closet, and maybe you found a little inspiration here today.

Thank you for reading!