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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Office Design - Professional Staff Break Room

I think this is my last board of ideas. 

The break/lunch room is really simple.  I lucked out in that I didn't know what the kitchen finishes would be - but the furniture I chose totally worked.  I needed the furniture to be easy to take care of - and to fit into the budget.

I just need to finish off the walls and art.  I hope to add some decals to the walls, and some bright and cheerful artwork.

Getting everything in place in the building is going well.  I'm just waiting for my House of Belonging artwork - then I can take some real photo's and show you how it all turned out!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Office Design - CEO Office

Back again.

This time with my design board for the CEO Office.

This office is large with lots of windows.  The first thing I really wanted to put in there was a Strut table as a desk.   I would really love to have one of these at home.  This office makes me want to redo my entire office.

For this room I chose the navy desk.  Once again they wanted the desk chairs to be able to roll around, and the other chairs to swivel.  They fell for the House of Belonging art I chose for the reception and conference rooms, and wanted another for in here.   After seeing that there were building plans for that table under the art, I had my handy friend Kyle build one.  It is amazing.  Solid and large!

Under the seating area I used a indoor/outdoor rug from Target.  It adds fun and pattern to the space.  I also framed up their first run circuit boards from each of their buildings.  They look amazing!

All that I have left to do in here is add some personal art, and probably some baskets.  The built piece is not going to look as styled as it is in the photo above - think man.  Overall, it is a really roomy and relaxing space.   I'm looking forward to getting the main art piece, and taking photo's!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

High/Low - Pottery Barn Abbott Table - Look For Less

Here is another really good look for less.

While out wasting a little time before I needed to get Noah from baseball practice I decided to take a quick look in Pottery Barn.   I was so surprised to see a table just like the one I purchased for the office building.  I saved so much money, and didn't even know!

This is the Pottery Barn Abbott Rectangular Zinc-Top Dining Table.  $1499.00.  84 inches long.

This is the Art Van Keaton Trestle Table.  I got mine for $481.13.  76 inches long.  It's not quite as long as the Pottery Barn table, but I saved over a thousand dollars.  The legs on this table are darker which I actually really like.  They look amazing in the space.  I'm still waiting for my large artwork so when that is in I will take the final photo's.

I'm really happy with this look for less.  The tables I purchased (I put two together) are really sturdy, and great looking!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Office Design - Large Conference Room

I think that this may be my very favorite space in the office.  I love the mix of materials and colors.  The artwork is a piece that I would love in my own house.  The taxidermy is as well.   Really, the accessories too!  I think this space is just very "me", and luckily they love it at the office as well.

The tables are zinc topped, and in my next post I will show you how I got the look for less! (without even knowing)  They wanted the chairs to be on rollers - not easy to find attractive chairs on rollers - but I did it.

Can't wait to share the reveal.  Right now the tables are covered with telephones!  Looking forward to those all being installed so I can get things back in order.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Office Design - Formal Entry

Here is my plan for the more formal entry of the building.

I fell in love with the beautiful sofa immediately, and worked from there.  Without time to special order pillows I went with what the store sells as their look.  It is not what I would have chosen (the dark pillows on the sofa are deep purple), but after I found the navy leather chair I think it all works together really well.   It's funny how when you have to decide quickly you can actually make something look really great - even if it wasn't what you had in mind.  There were many times where I would like one thing, but it was not available so I had to go to choice 2 or 3.  It has all worked out though.  I did end up using that wooden bench that I have on the Office Entry Board in this area - so I have to search out something to finish off the Entry.  Things change and you just have to adjust the plan.  The biggest thing I have left to do at the building now is to get the rest of the art, and hang the art.  Plus that one piece of furniture.  Oh, and when I can actually see the top of the conference room tables again that will be great.  Right now they have them covered with telephones :)

So I have to get ready, and get to work!

Happy Monday.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

High/Low - Chair - Look For Less

During this office building design I have run across a few things just by chance that are great for high/low comparisons.

I was cleaning up some catalogs, and I had dog-eared the page that this chair was on.   Having  completely forgot about it - I found it funny that I chose a chair from Target to use in the reception office that had the same type of look.  You could probably even sand down the legs on the Target chair - stain them - and get the chair to resemble this high end chair even more.

This is the Edenton Chair from Arhaus - On sale for $1149.  Was $2399.

This is the Swoop Chair from Target.  $199 right now - I purchased mine for $150.74.

Not a bad savings at all - $1000 less that the sale price & around $2250 less that full price.
I just assembled this chair yesterday, and it looks even better in person.  The fabric is thick and solid.  Really nice quality!

I was out browsing at Pottery Barn, and had the same kind of thing happen.  I will share that high/low after I share the Conference Room Inspiration Board.  It is an even closer comparison than this!

Love when something like this happens - especially when I'm trying to stretch my dollar.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Office Design - Reception Office Plan

Here is another inspiration board for the office that I am working on.

I just shared the plan for the entry last week.

Now here is the plan for the reception office.

This is one of the next spaces you see after the entry.

There is a set of windows from the entry into the reception.  I'm planning on hanging the House of Belonging "Follow Your Yellow Brick Road" sign on the back wall for all to see.  This was my inspiration piece.

To mimic the look in the photo with the pink flowers I purchased a unit from IKEA.  I'm looking forward to seeing it all assembled and in place.

The gray chairs are from Target.  The gold bug wall plates are as well.  Right now this will be a new position, but I am figuring it will be a girls office so I wanted to glam it up a bit.  I may do some kind of leg makeover on the desk.  I will decide when I see it in place.

This week things are starting to get moved into the new building.  Pretty exciting!  I'm looking forward to seeing it all together.  It will be a busy couple of weeks - getting everything in, and then deciding on any finishing touches that are needed.  I still have to order a black top for the IKEA unit.  Just a little more detail work to finish.  It's all very fun though.  The best "job" I have ever had.

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