Bonus Day!

8:38 AM

It is a beautiful morning  here in Michigan!   Today we woke up and received a special little gift.  After spending a week off of school for Winter break we will be happily enjoying the snow day that came our way!  Last night the boys didn't even perform any of the "wishing for a snow day rituals".  No wearing of the pajamas inside out, no spoons under their pillow, and not one ice cube flushed down the toilet.  Imagine that! 



This is a view of our yard from the kitchen.

It is stunning outside.  The snowflakes keep getting larger and larger and are falling faster and faster.

I love how the branches of the pines catch the snow.

Dreaming of snow.  I love penguins!

 It is beautiful!

Frosted goodness!

 Our own little storm tracker!

Hope everyone has a day full of fun!

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