Spotlight on Design: Michael Coyne

12:11 PM

I was first introduced  to the work of the very talented Michael Coyne when my mom and I visited the 2008 Birmingham Showhouse.  

 Here is the exterior of this beautiful Arts and Crafts style home.  The home itself was designed from a woman's perspective of what her ideal home would encompass.  The one idea I wish I could make magically appear in my home would be a children's study. They located theirs right off of the kitchen.    Here the kids can study, craft, use the computer, or play.  This type of room would be so convenient to have close by when you are trying to get dinner ready!   It would also be nice to be able to shut the door and conceal any messes.  

Many designers worked very hard at transforming this 4,580 square foot home into a showstopper, but for me Michael Coyne's rooms really stood out!  All the work on this home was done in the name of charity with proceeds benefitting the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.  

Now, back to my subject - Michael Coyne.  First, a little background.  It surprised me that before starting his design firm in 2006 he had a successful career in the automotive industry.  I would never have guessed that!  Michael has won many design awards and also volunteers his time and design talent to many charitable events.  I have heard Michael speak at the Michigan Design Center and he was very calm and kind.  If I could I would have him at my house in a heartbeat for a little design advice.

 The first thing that made me instantly enjoy Michael Coyne's areas were the softness in the colors.  His rooms had such a clean and tranquil feeling.  Just the aesthetic I feel very comfortable in and relate to!  The areas in this home that he designed were the ladies study, mudroom, and powder room.  This is a picture of the ladies study.  It is stunning in the photo but does not even compare to being there.  There are so many little details you don't see.  The linen drapery has tiny round mirrors embroidered all over the panels.  The walls are covered in linen.  The rug is made from a diamond patterned sisal and bordered in white leather.  I also love that he shared with everyone his Grandmothers writing desk and mirror.

This is a view of the room from the hallway near the powder room.  The bold egg prints make such a statement.  If you could see the placement of the items on the corner side table you would be sure to swoon.   Unlike other rooms in the house I felt that this room really looked like someone lived in it and loved it!  Each and every accessory was perfectly placed.  Such attention to detail!  

Here is a picture of the mudroom.  Michael used "limed" oak to build the storage areas.  Drapery encloses each space instead of doors.  At the very end of the hall is a message center complete with chalk and cork boards and a charging center.  The door at the end of the hall that leads to the drive adds even more charm to the space.

Lastly, we have the powder room.  Finished with more "limed" oak and a limestone vanity it is beautiful in it's simplicity.  

I could see myself spending quiet time in this ladies study and hope you enjoyed is as well!  To see more of Michael Coyne's work click here.   Also,  for a little more detail of the ladies study he has a couple of pictures in his gallery under details.

{All photos from The Michigan Design Center}

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