Forgotten Treasures

1:53 PM

Have you ever opened up a little used drawer and found something great that you had forgotten about?  This happened to me this week when I was working on tidying up our upstairs hall.  I'll show you some of what I found.  I'll also show you some of my finished pieces that sit around the house.

This is the last Santa ornament I was working on.  I forgot I even put it in here!

I finished this lettered rabbit cross-stitch ages ago.  I thought I'd make it into a pillow, but that hasn't happened yet.
I found this vegetable patch cross-stitch rolled up and resting in the drawer.  It is one of my very favorites.  I love all of the colors.  It is time for a trip to the framing store!  My house needs this to be out and enjoyed!

I love this finished and framed piece called cabbage patch.  Once again I love the colors. It decorates a little corner in our front room.  It is just a fun little piece.

This angel is very quirky.  I love the frame color!  I tend to not like to use mat board on my stitched pieces.  I'd rather search for a really unique frame.  Finding frames that pick up hints of colors in the piece is the way I like to go.

Last to be shared is this little snowman.  He sits on a metal cabinet in our kitchen.  This frame is also really unique and has a great patina.

Maybe take some time and go through some of your cupboards and drawers.  What kind of treasures will you find hiding?  I can't wait to put the final touches on my unfinished projects so instead of hiding away they can be enjoyed! 

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