A Corner of Our Upstairs Hallway

10:53 PM

Here it is  in all it's distressed goodness!  This is the item I purchased from The Heritage Company II last week.

 I had just been rearranging a bit of artwork in a corner of our upstairs hall and had decided that I needed a letter F to top it off.  Never did I think I would find my letter created in such a unique way.  I also never thought I'd run into the perfect piece so easily.

Here is a view of my completed little corner.  Well, complete for now.  I still have a little side wall to do something fun with.  This wall is outside of my boy's bathroom which explains the hamper.  Our hall has lots of angles so it was hard to get a good picture.
The F sits above an adorable Noah's Ark counted cross-stitch.  I work on counted cross-stitch but I didn't make this one.  The credit here goes to my friend Noelle.  She stitched this up for Josh for a gift when he was born.  Isn't that the sweetest.  She did a beautiful job!  Note to all:  teach your friends a great craft and they might make gifts.  It worked for me!

The lowest frame is made from a very old ceiling tin tile.  It is chippy with cream and light green paint.  I printed out a line from a little jingle I sing every morning as my way of waking up my boys.  I just do the lines above.  I should mention I'm a horrible singer.  My poor boys!  Actually, Noah thought it was cool that I put the words in the frame.  They used to play this happy little song long ago and very early in the morning on the radio and I always loved it and never found out what it was.  The words above are from the chorus.  I wish I could hear it again.  If anyone knows what it is please let me know.  

I printed the words out on a tiny paper bag and mounted it on my favorite Mind's Eye scrapbook paper.  I intentionally didn't center it.  I just liked the look.  Very simple!

 This is one of a pair of crystal chandeliers that hang in the upstairs hall.

Here are just a few more views!  Thanks for looking!

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