I Still Say Kid Art is the BEST Art - I LOVE Josh's Latest Creation!

10:55 AM

It was near the end of the school year when I spotted some new art up in the hall at Josh's school.  His teacher had a really beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting beside the drawings.   Each of the kids made their interpretation of the flowers using chalk.  One picture hanging there really stood out to me - Oh I was hoping it was Josh's!  Lucky me - it was!  His was the only one that had the dark background, and I just really loved the colors he used.

I'm hoping with the close up photo's you can see more of the  detail.

Funny thing is that Josh doesn't think he is good at art.  
I can just imagine him thinking and using that great mind and those growing hands -
That drawing couldn't come home soon enough for me.  I will treasure it always.

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