Wall Art Made Out Of Old Dishes & My Random Chatter

2:00 AM

Last week I went out to dinner with my friends Karen and Suzanne, and then we went to see the movie Bridesmaids.  It was my second time seeing the movie and I still found it funny - crude in parts - yes - but laugh out loud funny.  My favorite character is the one played by Melissa McCarthy.  It must have been a fun movie to make - I wonder how hard it was for them to not laugh while they were filming.  

Before the show we enjoyed dinner at a restaurant called Toast.  I snapped this photo on my iphone.  They collected a whole lot of different plates and juicers and cups - glued them together and hung them on the wall as art.   I thought it was very out of the box thinking, and thought you might like to see them too!  My other photos were shaky - carrying my purse and after having a couple of glasses of wine I guess my balance wasn't so good.  There was a whole large wall covered with almost triple the amount I photographed here.

Here is a photo of the exterior.  It's located on a quiet side street.  I also found a video on you tube.  The space is very uniquely decorated - worth a look!  I LOVE the room with the fireplace!

I could only find a couple of photo's that I could get to work on the computer.  This entry space is charming.  You walk up to that little cream oven to be seated.  

So, Toast has loads of character and really great food.  They are known for their breakfast.  It is one of the best around, and is in our top 3.  Noah and I like to make top 3 lists of different dining around here.  

The original Toast is located in Ferndale, and that is where my family like's to go when we want a Toast breakfast - it's small and old toasters line one of the walls - mismatched coffee cups.  It's a low key fun place to dine.

This is the exterior of the Ferndale location.  It one of those little gems.
As always, thank you so much for reading.   
I think I have made myself hungry for that breakfast!!!

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