My Latest Like !!!

4:08 PM

Sometimes you run across a great idea when you least expect to.

Like this tabletop!

Can you guess what it is made from?
I figured it out before I got home so like the dork I am I had to call my sister on my way home just to let her know what I came up with (not that she was thinking about it at all).

So - the table is made out of Galvanized Industrial Stair Treads.  The stairs themselves come 30 by 10 inches.  The first I found online were from and they call them the Perf-O Grip tread.

I wanted to use this idea to make a desk for J's room, but like most everything lately concerning anything for his room the answer was no.  I thought that instead of making a square table I would just make it really long - top with plexi - and then he could slip things that were special to him under the plexi.  We even have Uncle Scott's skills as a welder - but no go!  Now I am imagining them being used as wall shelves.  Attach them to some brackets and they are ready to go.  I really want to use the shelf idea somewhere.  So easy and unique!

Perfectly weathered!

The tabletop was not the only hightlight of the night.  Check out the feast sitting before Josh.  Savory barbeque and the best mac and cheese around!

So, have you found anything neat lately?

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