Last Weekend ...

4:58 PM

Last weekend we spent time in the Houghton Lake area of Michigan.  Our friend Chris invited us to his family's cottage which is in a hunting lodge community.  Loads of nature, trails, lakes, and peace.

I just thought the boats were interesting.

 At the cottage the kids love to swim and fish.

Boat sticker randomness.

They also like to ride their ATV's.

This is just some of the view from the cottage.

A view of the cottage from the lake.

We also had a little lesson in shooting clays.  I shot four times - no hits.  It was fun - though it hurts a little as you shoot.

Noah decided he would observe from behind this boulder.

Josh shooting.

Noah and Uncle Chris.  I guess we are supposed to lean forward like Chris is.  
I will so be needing more practice.
It is always nice to be invited to the cottage.
So nice to spend time with our friends!

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