I'll Be Back Soon .....

3:18 PM

I needed a little break, but I'll be back soon. 

In the meantime we have been enjoying and will be enjoying the Woodward Dream Cruise!

The Woodward Dream Cruise takes place on Woodward Avenue, and was started 17 years ago as a way to raise funds for a soccer field.   The creators probably could have never imagined what it would become!   The first year 250,000 people showed up and now 1.5 million people attend.  There are around 40,000 classic cars, and the people and cars come from around the globe.

Cars cruise up and down a 16 mile stretch of Woodward - recreating days of the past.  In the 50's and 60's it was very common for people to take out their motor city metal, turn on the tunes, and cruise this very street.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is supposedly the largest one day auto event, but if you are from here you know that it really starts at the beginning of the week.  We have already been out cruising the last two nights, and are meeting friends there tonight as well.  Tonight we are just going to take a picnic basket of food, buy some sliders, and be watching.  It's really nice to have such a unique event so close to home.  Growing up in "The Motor City" along with my dad's company doing lots of work for the automotive companies; cars have always been something our family has been really aware of.   I really love the cars from the late 60's - the Camaro Rally Sport being my favorite!  I also have another type of favorite - I'll have to try and get some photo's!  Lets just say I saw one the other night - think lavender and really fancy rims - lots of bling!

Hopefully everyone is well!

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