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This is a post about one of those houses.

Do you know the kind of house I'm talking about.   You pass by them year upon year.   You wonder who lives in them.  You wonder how the rooms are laid out - how they are decorated.  Basically,  you love them and are just dying to know what is inside. 

I have passed by this house my entire life.  When I was little it was the highlight of going to the pediatrician's office.  It has always happily worn yellow shutters, and the giant iron flower holder you see has always been in that very spot on the front lawn.

I went to a church rummage sale last week with my friends Karen and Suzanne.  On the way home we passed this house, and Karen pointed out that it was for sale.  She had been looking around on a real estate website days before and there it was.  She was shocked it was for sale as well.  It is a favorite of hers too!

I came home that night and had to look up the house.  I would finally be able to see what was inside.  Lucky for you - you haven't had to wait all your life to see it all.  It needs LOTS of work and love, but I am sure someone will make this into their home sweet home.  I wish it could be me.  The house is located in downtown Birmingham - a super walkable location - the downfall is that it is on the corner of 2 main streets.  Just not the location I would want for our family.

The great room.  Lots of windows.  Looks like there is some detail on the walls.  A nice updated mantle and some wood floors would make a huge difference - along with paint and some great new furniture.

More of the great room.  It's funny that everything is right up against the walls.

Dining Room - love the bank of windows.

More of the dining room.

Lots of wallpaper needs to come down.

I'm thinking that kitchen table and chairs look pretty special.  Otherwise, I would love to see an amazing kitchen in this space.  This house was built in 1840 - it is believed to be the second oldest house in Birmingham.  The last makeover it received was in 1959.

Another sitting room and more wallpaper.

I really like the color the window frame is painted.

Another bedroom.

Looks like another place to eat.  This may be the second enclosed porch.

This is the enclosed porch at the front right side of the home.  The windows always caught my attention - it's fun to see what has been behind them all of these years, even if it isn't as spectacular as my imagination had made it out to be.  Can you imagine it painted - that wooden ceiling would be so nice in a blue like the color on that bench by the brick wall.  Neat bench.

Backyard.  I love it too!  Looks much more farmhouse like to me.

The lot is a double lot which is a plus.  At least there is lots of space in the backyard!

This sale is an estate sale and the price just keeps dropping.  Birmingham is a very desirable city to live in.  Housing in Michigan is down - on one site this home is listed at 225,000 and I found it on another listed at 200,000.  Needs love, but is a MAJOR bargain.  Just a few years ago it's value was at 500,000.  

6 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3239 square feet, and loads of potential!  

When it sells, and I pass by I will just have to imagine that the new owners are making amazing changes inside!  The wonder will continue!  I just really hope they keep those yellow shutters and that iron flower holder.  That's where some of the magic lives!

{all photo's are from the real estate website}

There is still one day left to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway.  Best wishes to everyone who has entered!

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