A Little Fall In The Corner Cabinet

3:30 PM

Finally - a post for the week.  My husband had knee surgery Tuesday so it has been busy around here.
I had a minute so I am throwing this together.

Last weekend the corner cabinet in our great room got a little freshening up for Fall.  I want to paint out that wood to a creamy white so bad - I'm hoping to try out some chalk paint!!!

We already owned everything except the silhouette plates.  They are from a company called Fringe.
I guess the little footed piece of silver on the bottom shelf is new too.  I picked that up at Goodwill in Ann Arbor last week.  I sent a text to my friend Noelle after I left Goodwill to apologize for breaking one of her Christmas gifts.  I had found the most adorable little Paris plate I thought she would really like, and sadly it slid off my pile and broke.  I'm still bummed about that.  I have some photo's to share of my time in Ann Arbor, but that will have to wait until next week.

I really like the text on each plate.
The green and brown in front of the plate is just a candle laying on it's side.

This is the other way I use my hardware store numbers. 
#1 use is on the mancave Christmas tree.    
#2 use  - the number 31 for Halloween.  
They are the perfect color!

I found this old crate at an Estate sale last summer.

Enjoy a great weekend.  

We have lots of sports to watch this weekend - The Tigers and The Michigan - Michigan State Football game.  Note:  I don't want to mislead anyone - I am not a big sports watcher - I do like to follow the Tigers (though I am still bummed out about the Granderson trade and that was years ago now)  I enjoy the noise of a football game, but please NEVER let me step inside the big house again.   Talk about crowded!  I just know that sports will be big around here this weekend in the house of boys.  As for me - I just need to get to my favorite cider mill so I can enjoy cider and the most delicious cinnamon donuts I have ever found!  


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