Tree #2 - A Little Bling for the Mancave

6:55 AM

I don't think I have ever shown this part of our house in "blogland" before.  It is our walkout - otherwise known as "The Mancave".  

This is where we watch movies and where the boys play around.

It's nice to have a little holiday spirit down here as well.  This tree is 4 feet high, but once it's placed in this large basket it appears to be 5 1/2 feet tall.

Last year I used a remnant of fabric under the tree.  Thankfully this year I remembered I had a really neat blanket that was my grandma's.  It worked out perfectly and I love having reminders of her throughout my house.

This tree is covered with lots of things that shine ...

A little bit of industrial with the metal numbers from the hardware store ...

A little handmade with the domino ornaments ...  (more handmade to come next year with the addition of felt clock face ornaments)

A little bit vintage with this vintage silver bead garland I picked up this year.  Fourth Street Mercantile strikes again ...

A little more vintage with old watch clock faces ...

Oh, can't forget the letters ...

It's just a super eclectic tree!  Just like me I guess.  I'm really not the matching type of girl!

Another view.  I was a little nervous about the brown paint but the second the first swipe was up I knew it was the right choice.  That was 3 years ago and we still love it!

View towards the office.  Office has green paint.  The furniture that holds all the equipment doubles as a fireplace.  So cozy!  Oh and directly across from the fireplaces - the man chairs.  Chocolate brown movie chairs.  Not what I would choose but they are comfortable.  I still have lots of details to finish down here, but that's alright.  

A few more holiday things.  The metal hearts in the bowl are simple but one of my favorite things.  When I found them there were not many left so I chose letters H and A.  Ha is fun!  In the middle photo - that is the angel that topped my tree when I was growing up and that is a picture of me in that ornament.  I actually leave all of that out year round.  On the red ornament there is a photo of my husband when he was little.  I'm bummed it got cut out of the photo!  The house artwork was a gift from my mom.  It is made completely out of white paper and twigs.  Also, one of my very favorite things!

So, that's our walkout holiday decorating!  Thank you again for stopping by.  Tree #3 - Hopefully tomorrow!

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