Halloween House Photo's - The Daylight Hours

10:00 AM

 I wanted to share a few more photo's of our Halloween decorations.

Front Room:

Target - Missoni score.   The day after what sounded like a crazy shopping morning at Target I was doing my normal Target shopping and they had a fair amount of Missoni out.  Maybe they were late shipments or something.  I picked up this 3 piece platter because it reminded me of a spiders web - and also because I have black and creamy white trays I like to use at Christmas.  I figured it would be a pretty useful piece.

The candles have a spot for tea lights and they have the best nighttime glow.  I put them on the desk so that they could be seen through the front window.


Walkout Hallway:


 Thanks for looking, and thank you to everyone that leaves comments.  Each and every one are a delight to read.  I see from my stats I get lots of visits each day - just minimal comments - so truly thank you for taking the time to say hello and leave me your thoughts.  I really appreciate that!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday.  I'm off to make some bake sale treats, and work on cleaning things up around here, and on that never ending laundry pile!   I wonder if when I was growing up I wore 2 to 3 outfits a day.  I don't think I did.  My oldest wears a outfit to school, changes at least the bottoms when he gets home, and then puts on something else new after his shower before bed.  My youngest sometimes has days like that, but those are usually his sports days so it depends on the season.   It could be worse - at least they like to be clean.   Laundry doesn't really bother me - just takes time.

Is Anyone watching The X Factor?  I think Drew needs to make a CD pronto - what a beautiful voice that talented young lady has.  I'm in awe, and I adore that she is so real - so grounded - such an adorable and unpretentious teen.

OK - I have to go now before I continue with another random thought!

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