I Ended Up Making a Cute Cake!

9:40 AM

Josh's school had their holiday bazaar Saturday so I made a bunch of bake sale goodies, and a cake for the cake walk.  I quickly baked this cake in the morning.  It was nice enough, but needed a little something to make it more special!

I ran downstairs to see what I could make from what I already owned.  The butterfly stickers were laying on the back desk so I grabbed them and attached them to toothpicks and skewers.  Then I made a little bunting that says - love who you are.    

As I was carrying the cake out of the house I caught a glance in the mirror and noticed it looked really cute in front of my blush pink dress and denim jacket.  (I am loving wearing dresses over skinny jeans with boots - topped with a cardigan or denim jacket)  I posted this cake for about 20 minutes Saturday night, but I didn't like my photo's.  I then remembered that my friend Mie took a picture while I was holding the cake.  She texted it to me so here it is!  And yes, I meant to not frost the sides.  For some odd reason I like to leave the sides bare.

Saturday was a very busy, but fun day!
Noah had his first basketball game that evening, and they won so that was nice.

I'll return in a day or so with my latest party invites.  Today I am just working around the house - laundry, cleaning up papers off of tabletops, cleaning the desk off, and putting ornaments on the mancave tree.  I think I'm going to make a coffee cake too!  Hopefully I'll make a good dent!  Please excuse my random chatter.

Hope your day is a happy one!

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