Etsy Gifts for Girls - Including One of My Favorite Products

7:07 AM

This is the gift we gifted to all the little girls last year.
The first part of the gift was the little burlap bag everything was tucked into.
I tend to really like to find gifts that are simple, useful, and easy to find a home for after the holidays are over.  
I try to shop with those 3 goals in mind.

What was to be found inside that useful little package?
First, my very favorite shower product - Whipped Clean Body Wash!
I purchase this on Etsy from a shop called Gudonya Too!
My very favorite scent is the Italian Lemon Cream - it smells like you are enveloped inside a lemon meringue pie.  The scent is very subtle.  They also have other scents perfect for little girls - cotton candy, raspberry lemonade, strawberry fields, and many, many more.  I really cannot say enough good things about this Whipped Clean Body Wash.  Each girl also got a colorful bath poof to use in the shower with their new scents.  To go to the Gudonya Too shop click here.

The other item I thought was really adorable are leg/arm warmers.  They are also an Etsy find - The store is called Mama Runs With Scissors.
When the kids are little they can wear them as leg warmers, but as they grow they become arm warmers.  That way the kids can still enjoy a short sleeve t-shirt, and add some arms for warmth and style.
The leg/arm warmers come in all kinds of patterns - I purchased 4 different styles last year.  They also have designs for the little men in your life.  To see all of the different styles click here.  They also have cute little sets with matching tutu's.

I still have to finish my shopping for this years girl gift.  I found one very girly item, useful and easy to put away plus it is adorable!  Now I have to find something more to add to it.  How is your holiday shopping going?  I have a little bit finished, but have been concentrating more on decorating the house.  Two trees finished and the third almost done!

I'll be back soon!

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