Halloween Night

8:10 PM

 Hope everyone enjoyed Halloween.  Here is my little candy helper.  She would much rather help by eating the candy, but was happy enough seeing what was happening at the door.  Josh and Noah both had friends over so we had 8 boys total.  I made pizza to look like candy corn when sliced, mummy hot dogs, and a vegetable skeleton guy.  We finished the meal with cider and cinnamon donuts from the cider mill. 

 Our front door opens up to the closet.  The plain boring closet.  I am not sure what the builder was thinking.   Halloween morning I decided I better put together something so that when the door opened there would be something interesting to look at.   This is what I quickly came up with.

 I used my rummage sale plate, and some battery operated votive holders that I crafted up back in April.  I just added a glittering spider sticker.  I keep meaning to blog about them and will soon.

This pumpkin guy on a big crow is probably my favorite decoration.

The only new purchases I made for Halloween this year were the spider stickers and the black crow paper silhouettes.

This abracadabra sign took me about 2 minutes total to make.  I used a empty frame that is only halfway through the painting process.  If I remember right it used to be black and gold.  I decided to try to keep some of the gold, and was actually thinking of painting over it, but now I think I may like it this way.  A happy accident!  I like the sign so much I'm going to make one for Thanksgiving, and then a different version for Christmas.  I just have to choose my words.

I'm still going to post a few more photo's of our house with the Halloween decorations.  There will also be a little peak at the hallway

Be back soon!

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