Random Things I'm Liking ...

11:26 PM

Made cupcakes for the school bake sale - LOVE the cupcake liners.  They are green and brown - once baked the liner has an adorable brown dotted stripe around the upper edge.   They are from Michaels - Paula Deen. 

Anthropologie - little ikat bowl.  Great to give as gifts. They are the perfect size to hold jewelry by the sink.  Someone on my Christmas list is receiving one as part of their gift ...

This is my new bracelet and looking back I wish I had bought all 3 they had.  Would have made super great gifts as well.  I love mine.  I wore it on Halloween with my owl ring.  I also wore a black cardigan, my J. Crew ruffled tank, jeans, and one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  Made for a nice simple outfit.

Here are the shoes - bargain of the century.  2 summers ago I went into DSW looking for a pair of shoes.  I can't remember what I was exactly looking for, but I know I didn't find them.  I decided to take a quick look in the clearance section.  That is where I found this pair - calf hair - Stuart Weitzman - box was marked at almost $400 smackaroo's - I walked out with them for $35 dollars.  They are comfy and look cute with my denim and anything else I put with them.   That was a lucky day!  Have you ever heard of DSW selling that high end of a brand.  I still wonder what they were doing there?

This is the top I mentioned.  I have gotten so much wear out of this & it washes up just like new - J. Crew did well here - I should have gotten the gray one too.  

Lastly, something I have been swooning over for months, and didn't buy.  Sadly that great burnt orange top looks like it's sold out.   I L-O-V-E the sweater and top color combination.  Just last year I started wearing some combinations that didn't exactly go together, and I really liked it.  For example, one was a olive green sweater with a coral silk top.  Think a little Punky Brewster without the primary colors.  Oh, and jeans of course.  Nothing too crazy!

Thanks for reading all my rambling.  Life has been busy here - good busy, but busy.  I'm working on my Christmas party invites right now.  I needed a break so posting was a very enjoyable distraction.   Hopefully I will catch up on my reading soon.  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to!

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