Thanksgiving Table

2:21 PM

We enjoyed a very nice Thanksgiving with family and friends.
Noah gave a well very thought out blessing along with a list of things he was thankful for.
Our meal was delicious and traditional.
 I had sweet little visitors who completely enjoyed making crafts.  They went home with bunches of handmade ornaments for their tree!

I wasn't going to post  about the Thanksgiving table - I figure you might be tired of seeing me set a table time and time again.

After I set the table using things I already owned I thought it was simply very nice so I took a few photos, and here it is.

The napkins are Ikea towels.  The nest napkin holders have been used many times since I made them for Karen's party.

I have had the morrocan type candleholders for many years.  This summer Target had the mercury glass holders in the same colors so I bought a few.   I think that was the Calypso line.

Nests - Katie Brown collection at Meijer

Split peas in vintage dessert dishes. 

I made the card with the saying and used leaves I had in my cupboard from way back when Thomas O'Brien had stationary and paper goods at Target.  I love those little leaves!

Drinking cups are handblown glass - clearance from Stonewall kitchen - also years ago.  I so wish I ordered 2 sets.

After cleanup - the pretty glow of candles!

A very happy Thanksgiving!

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