Our Merry Front Room Tree and Wrapping

9:32 PM

A little more holiday - I am so behind in posting.  I apologize if you are tired of Christmas, but I have a little left to share.  This is our front room tree - the kid tree - full of Shiny Brite ornaments, handmade treasures, and transportation ornaments.  I will pretty much just let the pictures do the talking.

 The only new wrap I purchased this year was the green wrap. Other than that I focused on using what I had at the house.  I have had the little house boxes for a few years now.  They are actually favor boxes, but I think they are really cute as gift boxes.  I also used yarn again this year as ribbon.  I love how it looks, and the yarn goes such a long way!

If you want to see last years kid tree post click here.  
The biggest change in the room this year is the carpet!

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