Olioboard for Noah's Room

10:39 AM

We have been working (procrastinating) on Noah's room for awhile now.  We chose paint colors this summer, and ordered the desk below.

I used Olioboard this past week to create this mood board.  This is my first attempt at making a mood board.  Olioboard was easy to use.  I would recommend it.  I tried another companies to start, but had lots of problems.  

It is so nice to see everything for Noah's room in one place. It is also easier for my boys to visualize what I am thinking, and how it will actually look.  I am amazingly getting some positive feedback for once.  It is also nice because anything they don't like can be easily deleted and changed around.

Noah's walls are painted Peppercorn and his ceiling is Sea Salt - both by Sherwin Williams.  We had one wall painted in chalkboard paint, but the painters decided to cut corners so they have to come back and fix it.

So, we already own the dresser, bed, nightstand, and glass cabinet.  The glass cabinet he has is really similar to the one above - no shelves on the bottom though, and the legs look more like a nice wooden carved table.  I purchased in on clearance from Anthropologie a few years back.  He has the depot light from Pottery Barn, but my husband keeps insisting that we get a ceiling fan with a light.  I think I am going to lose the battle.  He has a green fan he likes just fine, but ... I am going to lose the battle.  I think the one I found above is not too bad.   I wish someone would make a depot looking ceiling fan.  That would be great!

(the before - still had nursery wallpaper) 

We are going to use all the same bedding.  It is bright and cheerful.  He chose the bright plaid years ago for the shams.  The quilt is a light gray t-shirt like material.  His sheets are white with chocolate brown stitching.  He also has a grain sack looking pillow with red striping.

He need a desk/guitar playing chair, and he liked this charcoal gray one I found.  It even has rolling wheels!

As for the walls - he thinks the frog is "beast" and even Josh loved it.  We will hang his guitars on the wall, and he has wanted the Whippet art for some time.  I'm not sure what we will do with the window.  The boys don't really like the idea of drapes - so maybe a simple little valence.

Anyhow, that is where we are in the planning.  Hopefully we will get it all together soon for a real reveal!

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