Serving - A Display Idea & Mochi Desserts!

10:44 AM

At our last party this is how I served dessert.  There were also a couple of trays of homemade cookies.
We pretty much always serve cookies, and a variety of candies at this particular party - everything is out and self serve.

To make the different levels I used things I had on hand.  Some Katie Brown canisters - tops removed - were used for the two plates farthest back.  I had another little pedestal I used below the whippet plate.   It was simple to pop a nice variety of plates on top of each stand, and then just load them with the yummy stuff!  I sadly forgot to take photo's when everything was filled!  

  (image from Gidget Eats - click to read more about the mochi rice cakes)
On the back two plates we served up something new this year.  Mochi rice cake's in strawberry and melon.  They were not only really cute in pink and green -they tasted great - and were a true conversation piece.   This is the brand that we purchased.

(image from Stitches n Dishes - click to read more about mochi ice cream)
Also, if you haven't tried the mochi ball ice cream it is amazing - and also really pretty!  There are many flavors to try, and I haven't had a bad one yet!

Now I am making myself hungry!  Hope you have a great day!

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