Bunny Silhouettes and Tissue Poms - Chandelier Easter Style

11:03 PM

If you have been reading for awhile you have probably noticed that I like to dress up our kitchen chandelier with the seasons.  This year I used supplies I already had on hand, and got creative!  I've been trying to use as many things in my decorating this year that I already have in the house.  I need to clean this place out!

I have been cutting out silhouette bunnies here and there since Monday.  I went through all my patterned papers, and gathered up what I thought would be nice Easter colors and prints.  I found this bunny silhouette online - its adorable with it's fluffy tail. 

I had a bunch of tissue poms on hand.  After grabbing a couple colors and fluffing them out they look pretty festive tucked into the chandelier.  I then stood some of the bunny silhouettes into the poms.  I like this photo because you can see Josh and Noah's creations in the background.  Josh made the floral at school, and Noah's paper bag art is back from his preschool days.  I bet his teachers would never have imagined any of those bags were still used and in one piece.

 A chevron bunny!

Here you can see the plates I'm going to use.  I did purchase the paper plates, napkins, and the little ombre bowl sets.  I will be able to use the bowls for so many things later.  I actually bought the plates first, and then everything else just kinda worked together.   I'm pretty picky, but I like to mix things up anyhow.  I guess it's just my kind of quirkiness.  Oh, I probably should mention that this is where the kids are sitting.

I will leave the rest of this post with just pictures.  Hope all your Easter plans are coming together!  Thank you so much for reading!

The last two photos are from later in the day.

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