Circle of Mom's Top 25 and Our Bathroom Tile Choices

9:24 AM

My goodness has this week been busy, and were not finished yet.  So many activities with the boys.  Jazz band, play practice, baseball, fundraising, coffee house and talent show, bake sale, etc.   Driving, driving, driving.  I've been missing this blog.

It's always nice to receive a random email in your inbox - at least I like random emails.  Last night when I did a quick check this is what I found.

Hi Lynda,
Your blog Happenstance Home has been nominated to the Top 25 Home Design Moms - 2012 list on Circle of Moms!
Our Top 25 honors the great Mom Bloggers. It will be featured in our editorial section, the RoundUp, and promoted through our social media channels, a great opportunity to meet new readers through our audience of 6 million moms.

If you have a chance and would like to vote for me click here.   I would really appreciate it.  You are able to vote once a day until May 15th. There are so many wonderful and well known blogs in the mix - it is just very nice to be included.

The bathroom tiles.  I meant to post this Monday.  It's that kind of week!
After looking online and browsing Pinterest we got an idea of what we both liked and disliked.
Things I liked that he didn't - standard subway tiles, arabesque tiles (I so love).
After looking at lots and lots of images we hit the standard Lowes and Home Depot to see what they stocked.  I have to admit I really just liked the subway type tiles there.  I guess I'm difficult.

Our next stop was a shop called The Tile Shop.  Here we easily and quickly decided on the above.

The shower floor will be finished in 2" Hampton Carrara Polished Hex.
The shower walls will be 3X6" Hampton Carrara Polished subway tiles.

The bathroom floor will wear this tile.  It looks like a weathered wood floor, but is ceramic.  It is called Bayur Borneo.

This is a fabric I may use at the window.  I haven't really looked around yet, but I have some of this on hand.  We will see.

So overall we have some really classic materials along with a weathered wood look.    
I'm liking the mix.  So far there is a whole lot of plumbing going on.  The builder did so many things backwards - lots of surprises.  My husband said it is good that we decided to fix this room up because we would have had lots of problems soon.  They had the sink drain going up instead of down.  We were having problems with the drain - no wonder.  Then there was a problem with the sewer line ...  You have to wonder how this kind of work passes inspection ... hmmm ...

Well, I hope everyone has a great day.  Thank you for reading!  I have a big list of things to do and places to be for the next few days so I probably won't post again until next week.

Happy Weekend!

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