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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

G Gets New Neckwear With A Pom-Pom Inspired Flower

Hello.  If you haven't met her before this is my dog - Guinness.  She is a Whippet.  Speedy outside - a big cozy cat inside.  Not a heavy coat of fur to keep her warm, and she seriously loves her neckwarmers in the Winter.  I know - it's funny.

Last week I decided to knit her a new one.  It  blends right in with her fur.  Now before I lose you note that this is pretty enough to wear as a human.  Of course you would just make the cowl larger.  You could also just make the flowers, and attach them to a tote or whatever you wish.

Since it the color was so simple I decided it needed a flower.   This is how I made it.  Ripped up some drop cloth - that is the bottom layer.  Ripped up some cream muslin - second layer.  Ripped up some white muslin - that is the top layer.  I know they aren't cream or white, right.  I wanted the muslin to be a color, and decided grape juice stains so I poured some out, and tossed the muslin strips in.  In just a few minutes the cream turned a dusty pink, and the white a nice lavender.  I washed them well with dish soap, and let them air dry.  My plan worked perfectly - they were just the colors I was after.

I used a needle and thread to stitch everything together at the center, and then wrapped the thread around to cinch the fabrics.

Then I decided why not a pom-pom for the center.  My greatest memory of pom-poms while growing up was the time I was in the backyard feeding the geese.  One thought the white poms on the back of my socks were white pieces of bread, and kept trying to eat them.  It was determined!

After I attached the pom to the second strip I sewed both strips together at the center.  I then attached it to the "snood" aka neckwarmer.  On the inside I put a little square of dropcloth so I could sew into that, and it would be securely attached.

So, here is Miss GiGi in her new cozy snood.  That's the official dog apparel term :)  One of the odd things you learn when getting a Whippet.  You can see in the background I'm working on painting a chair.  It's time to go upstairs and flip it over so I can work on the legs.

Thank you for reading!

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Pam said...

Miss GiGi looks very cute in her neckware. I have enough trouble getting our dogs to wear handkerchiefs, but that is super cute and girly too!

Robin said...

Oh how adorable! I'm thinking she loving it.

Lee said...

Miss Gi Gi is simply divine. Love love love her beautiful scarf/collar.

Pinecone said...

You have such an amazing creative imagination!! This is just the cutest thing, and the pom pom really adds the cherry on top.

Lynda the second to the last picture of Guinness next to the floral pillow looks straight out of a magazine or a lovely portrait. I think I need a Whippet - these cats over here don't want to wear anything ha!


Debby Steele said...

OMG she is so darn proud! Would you look at her face! I have a HUGE smile ear to ear. You are just sooo talented. I'm guessing these would sell like hotcakes. Thanks for the smile. Hope the boys are well. xo

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I love that extra little touch the pom pom makes!!!

lisaroyhandbags said...

How cute is she?! Love how she's feeling so confident and pretty in her new snood. ADORABLE :)

The Southland Life said...

seriously, most adorable thing ever!!!

Andy Pollack said...

Really, perfect!i loved it
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