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It's hard to believe another week has slipped by.

I went to a nice BBQ at my neighbors last week.  His name is Hans and he makes the BEST ribs ever.  He really needs to open up The Swedish Ribshack.  He uses a dry rub, and they are amazing.  His youngest lives in Sweden and was home for a visit - he shared with me photos from his trip to South Africa.  He worked at a wildlife park for 2 weeks so lots of Cheetah pics.  They were stunning photos. 

Saturday I went with my sister to a beer festival in Ypsilanti.  So much fun.  You receive tokens, and trade them in for tastes.  I'm no beer expert, but I always like the beers from Dark Horse Brewing Company in Marshall MI. They had 99 different beers to choose from.  I had all my tastes except one from there.  I got the lone other taste from Bells - it was Bell's Blacknote.

The Dark Horse beer names I tried (they are fun names so why not share) :
Whatsupwiththemonkey Blueberry Ale
Perkulator coffee Dopplebock - Oh so good!
The Mighty Peach Basil Ale
Where The Wild Things Macerate Raspberries Sour Ale
Bourbon Barrel Plead The Fifth Imperial Stout - LOVED! Had 2.

Last year they had one named What's Up Doc - It was a carrot cake beer - it was my favorite last year.

On to more dog things ... 

As you might know our dog is pretty special around here.

I just got her a new ID tag, and it's cute enough to share.

Rockin' Doggie - I'm loving their alphabet tags - 3 sizes - many colors - solid or glitter.  We went with the purple glitter in the medium size.  Noah picked out her polka dot collar at the local pet store.

Closer view.  With my love of letters I'm finding it perfect.

While looking up the tags I ran across another collar I really like, and some neat hooks you can use on your collar so you can switch your tag easily from one collar to the next.  I'm thinking if I was going to buy more tags I would buy them at this website - http://www.shopmimigreen.com/

Here are a few reasons -

Rosa Oilcloth Collar

Velvet Collars

Rubits tag holders - clip them to your dogs collar  - slip on their tag - then it's really easy to change their ID from one collar to another.  I know I always have the hardest time sliding GG's tag onto that holder on her collar.  I'm really liking this idea.

Lastly, really nice leashes.

So many happy prints to choose from.

Yesterday I had lunch with one of my friends.  Went shopping at the GAP which I haven't done in ages.  Bought some funky pants.  Why not!

 printed skinny mini skimmer khakis 

I think the shoes they put with them are horrible.  I'm going flip flops :)

Today is more shuttling N to basketball camp, and later dinner with more of my friends.  FUN!

Hope all is well.

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