The Virgin Diet And Photo's From My Walks

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In my last post (like a month ago, oops) I mentioned that I took up walking/jogging, and shared my breakfast shake recipe.  I'm finally motivated enough to tell you a little about the eating plan I also started sometime last Spring.

(so tiny, just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk)

So - The Virgin Diet.  Following this plan really made a change in me, and made me think of "healthy food" in a completely different way.

The basics of The Virgin Diet are that you give up the top 7 High-Fi Foods - meaning the foods that are most likely responsible for food intolerance.  You give them up all at once for 21 days.  Some food intolerance symptoms:  bloating, indigestion, fatigue, mental fog, weight gain, moodiness, etc.

Here is a list of what JJ Virgin considers to be the top 7:
sugar and artificial sweeteners

After 21 days you begin cycle 2 - every week for 4 weeks you test one of the foods you gave up.

When I started the testing process Spring was well underway, and I began to get a bit confused as to what was environmental allergies compared to food allergies so I ended up getting tested specifically for food allergies.  I can say that when I cut out the above foods I felt great, had so much more energy, was no longer bloated, and the stomachaches I had endured since childhood had all but disappeared. I lost weight as well.  I knew I was finally headed in the right direction.

(yes, a random quite large snail)

So, I tested positive at the allergists office for dairy/casein and corn allergies.  Now that I know what allergies I have I do my best to avoid my trigger foods.  I'm right in the middle as far as severity so I just try to avoid them as much as possible.  The dairy is the worst.  That is what I mean about healthy foods - yogurt, milk, cheese - advertised as healthy - and yes as long as you are not allergic they can be.  For me these "healthy" choices were causing many problems.    In my everyday life now I try to still limit the 7 foods as much as possible.  It is not always easy, and I still go out and enjoy myself.  The rewards are just really worth what seems to be a sacrifice.  Simply, I just feel better when I eat this way.  (I'm a baby kale salad addict)

(duck family)

There is so much detail in The Virgin Diet book.  I would really recommend it to anyone.  It lead me to learn more about food and how I personally react to it, and the result is a healthier and happier me.

When you look at my breakfast shake recipe you see that there is no dairy - I've found substitutions that I really enjoy.  There isn't any sugary juice - just berries.  The ground chia seed is super healthy, and gluten free.  The chocolate powder and cocoa powder satisfy my sweet tooth.  Starting the day this way usually makes it much easier to continue to make good choices throughout the day.

So, that is the end of me talking about my healthy changes.  I know the subject of health isn't why you usually stop by to read, but I really believe in this and wanted to share.

(Bebb Oak - largest on record - it's giant low branch is the first photo in this post)

I am going to be taking photo's at Before and After Interiors Friday afternoon so please check back late Friday for a peek into Beverlys shop all ready for Saturday's Holiday Open House.

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