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1:44 PM

Ladders - really want one of these for blankets in the Winter and beach towels in the Summer.  Two I really like are the solid white here and the dipped ladder here.

This Kate Spade stripe shirtdress is very cheerful.  Since putting this on my board I've seen a couple fashion bloggers wearing the skirt version, and I actually really don't like the skirt.   I find it hard to wear skirts though - it's uncomfortable to keep everything sitting just right and they can get bulky and messy at the waist.  I prefer the ease of tossing on a dress.

Succulents -  You can find them at your garden store.  Home Depot had a really nice selection as well. I got mine there.

Rose gold - another finish I can't get enough of lately.  This glass and rose gold vanity tray would be perfect in the bathroom or by the bedside to put your important trinkets in.  Jewelry, chapsticks, essential oils, room spray, etc.

Take Me Home - I watched this movie last week and can't say enough good things about it.  I completely enjoyed following the characters.  There was so much said even in the moments where there was just quiet.  It is terrific!!!

This Galley Guest Chest caught my eye.

Pacifica lip tint in blood orange.  I have this - it's so-ooo good.  When you are wearing it you can smell the blood orange so that is really pleasant.  Also, if I'm out and I see myself and think "My am I pale" I just rub some in a circle on the apple of my cheeks and then blend it in with my fingers.  Dual purpose, nice shade, and it feels and smells good!  You can find it here.

So, I'm picky about drinking glasses.  Other than some cow glasses I have I must say I really like a thin rimmed glass.  I have some glasses I need to replace, and I'm thinking about getting these.  They are thin and they stack - which I need all the cupboard space I can get.  They are really pretty as well in this light green shade.

I am getting this pineapple dog collar for Guinness - I'm liking pineapples and flamingo's as of late.

Clare V makes some of the best clutches.  I got this caramel and pink leather clutch for a gift.  Looking forward to using it soon.

My gladiator sandals I bought a few years back are wearing out.  I'm thinking of replacing them with this Georgina studded sandal.

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