Monday Mix // 03

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Hello.  Here is Monday Mix 03 - A mix of skincare items that I use daily - a dress brand that is always so comfortable - home items I could see myself buying - and some outdoor furniture that looks nicer that some of the furniture inside of my house - who knew outdoor furniture could be so stylish and fun.  So here it goes ...

This dress by Cloth & Stone looks like another one I would enjoy wearing alone or tossed on over skinny jeans.  I have a navy plaid one similar to this that I bought from them a couple years ago.

Mint metal oval bookend lamp - creative and fun.   On sale for $39.

Seriously - these are outdoor chairs!  They come in a whole bunch of colors, but I'm kinda partial to the  mint and blue.

100% Pure makes some of my very favorite skincare.  Their luminous primer feels amazing on my face and it smells so-ooo good.  It's refreshing and it's scent is calming.  I'll be sharing more of my favorites from 100% Pure as time goes on.  It's skincare you can feel good about using.

Micellar water - lifesaver.  Ever feel so tired at night that you just don't have it in you to even wash your face?   I'm guilty.  This is where Micellar Water by Simple makes my life easier.  Just saturate a cotton round with the water and gently wipe across your face.  It usually takes 2 rounds for my makeup to be fully removed.   Note that it won't remove your mascara - but all the rest of your eye makeup will be gone.  It's also nice because there is no scent to be bothered with.

Slip on's are a favorite of mine and this pair by Tom's looks great for Spring.  I have this same pair in the gunmetal (on sale now) and they are really comfortable  and true to size.  I just wore them with a gray sweatshirt dress that I got at Old Navy a couple of years ago (this dress is the same style of my dress) and this J. Crew necklace.

This mirror has such a pretty edge.  Simple and pretty :)

Heavenly Palette 2 artwork - colors inspired by those found in nature - I've wanted this for some time now - I just need to order it.

This is one cabinet I could see using in my foyer - it's the Townsend cabinet by Theodore Alexander.   52 inches wide - 35.5 high.  I have a very old shaker table in my foyer right now with zero storage so something where I could store hats and gloves and dog collars would be very helpful.

I have a few things to post this week so come back tomorrow for a few quick shots of our Easter table.  Wednesday I'll be sharing a style board created in collab with Charish.

Happy Monday and thank you for spending time here reading.  I truly appreciate it!

Please note:  This post contains affiliate links.  See my sidebar for more information.  Thank you!

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