Monday Mix // 11

7:41 PM

There are so many great finds on this board.  Sadly some are already sold out or low on stock.

I just finished reading Me Before You and After You.  It's been awhile since I've loved a story so much - they both would be great Summer reads.   The main character, Louisa, is very quirky.  I cannot wait to see the movie.

This basket ...

J. Crew has this most beautiful sequined sweater in their new catalog - everyone else must have thought so as well because it is already sold out.

I just bought this sleeveless ruffle shirt - one of my favorite things to seek out are cute white sleeveless tops.  They are a staple in my wardrobe - I add a cardigan, jeans, a fun pair of shoes, and a colorful handbag and I'm done! 

Speaking of cute shoes - I think this pair is the best!

This is one of my very favorite lip glosses.  Naturally Pretty is my go to neutral.  I also really like this shade.  Every time my Mom is with me and I put I Believe on she asks what I'm wearing.

This neon floral bracelet is adorable - and on sale.

This clutch has so much personality.  I like it with the shoes, bracelet, and simple outfit of white top and jeans.  It kind of reminds me of the baskets we would put on our bikes in the 70's with the plastic flowers on them.  

This photograph of water reminds me of growing up on the lake and how peaceful it was.

Dr. Scholl's sandals were a big part of growing up in the 70's.   I had a navy pair.  Their collab with J. Crew is fantastic - plus they also have great looks on their site.  Click here for glitter, blue suede, and gingham.  

This outdoor chair looks like a nice spot to rest in the beautiful weather that is upon us.  I like the color of it, and the detail.  I'll take 2 please :)  

So that's all for this week's mix.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I feel like I had to search a bit harder this week to make it a good collection.

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