Monday Mix // 09 - Dad Style

4:33 PM

This board is inspired by the Dad's out there, and it includes many things that are well liked at our house.

Most Dad's have a thing for their bottle openers.  How about gifting them a vintage opener!  I really like this listing - and you can choose which color cord would be best suited for your home.

Southern Pecan Coffee is one of my favorite coffee flavors.  My husband has Cameron's Southern Toasted Pecan on order repeat so I thought it would be a good share :)  It's his favorite!

For the Dad that takes really long showers how about this green shower timer.  5 minutes on the clock!  (really my youngest needs this  - he uses up all the hot water in the house and comes out red)

I think this could be fun for the Dad that wants to learn something new - How about a Letterpress Class.  If your in the area this link shows some classes available downtown at Signal Return.  Click here to see some really great prints that you can purchase online.

Two of my husbands favorite cookbooks are Franklin Barbeque: A Meat Smoking Manifesto & Taco's: Recipes and Provocations.  It's a win win if they like to cook.  Delicious combinations!!!

Have you heard of this yet?  It's a slab of Himalayan Sea Salt.  If your guy likes to cook this is pretty neat.  You have to season it in your oven before using, but after that you can cook on it hot or serve it chilled with food placed directly on the slab.  This slab comes with a handy holder.  You just rinse the slab off when you finish using it so it can be used again and again.  So useful and also a really nice extra to add to your tabletop.

One of my husbands favorite pairs of Tennis shoes are orange - they don't carry his pair anymore, but I really like this orange pair by Saucony.   I'd replace his with this pair.

In my neighborhood a lot of barbecue cooking takes place.  My neighbor Han's is the master rib maker and this is the non-stick rib rack he uses.  He makes a rub for his ribs and grills them - they are amazing - I can't order ribs out anymore.

Smoking meats is a part of all this barbecue - this Weber Smoker is the new one Han's just picked up.  His old one finally kicked the bucket after about 20 years.  He makes fish and brisket in this.  My husband has this really serious electric smoker.  The meats are incredible when they come out!  He makes fish and chicken and turkey and brisket and pork.  The only pain you may find is in the price, but once you receive it and start using it you will totally forget that and find that it is worth every single penny for the ease in which you can cook your meats, and also in the quantity that you can fit inside.  

I just really like this letterpress print.  Short and simple.

Beer is a popular thing over here.  So many craft beers - growlers to be filled and shared.  This beer growler bag will make the transporting easier.

Our Vodka - the packaging of this vodka is like art to me, and the fun part is that you just might be able to find your city or a favorite place you have visited.  Some choices are Our/Detroit, Our/Seattle, Our/London, Our/Paris, Our/Amsterdam.  Some coming soon include Houston, Miami, and New York.

Lastly, drink mixers would be a fun addition to a bottle of liquor.  Wolfmoon Mixers has some nice flavors like Watermelon Mint, Citrus, or maybe Pineapple Jalapeno.  Another local drink mixer that I love to use in the Summer is McClary Brothers Michigan Beet and Carrot.  I mix it with club soda and lemonade.  They call drinks made with this kind of mixture a shrub. Yum!  Note: you need to like a vinegar taste, and of course you can add alcohol if you wish.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Monday Mix!  Maybe it will give you some ideas for the Dad in your life.

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