Monday Mix // 16

9:28 AM

Back to the Monday Mix,

This blue top looks so comfy.  I have a similar style in white found at J. Crew a few years back, and it's super easy to wear.

Next time I'm out shopping I'm going to try on this pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses.  I don't have anything like them so they might be a fun choice.

I have this pair of Bussola sandals.  They are really unique looking and comfy.  When I bought them they were on sale.  Nordstrom has them in black for the lower price.

I LOVE all of the colors of this canvas stripe bin.  $26 each.

I've been looking at this little light for some time.  It's so clean lined and really just cute!

A good looking and closed door storage locker.  A great option for extra storage in the foyer.

How about some rug obsession.  I'm thinking that both of these are nice options.  Navy Penny Rug  and Hand Knotted Over-Dyed and Distressed Wool Rug.

Hot weather = ice cream for me.  When my boys were younger our grocery store sold these chocolate cookie ice cream cones.  They are amazing - I've missed them - just tracked them down and ordered.  I love mint chip in my cone, but any of your favorite flavors would taste so good.  They taste kinda like the chocolate part of an Oreo.

Pair of Thieves makes very fun socks for men and boys.  Noah received this pair for his birthday.  I was looking for more, and really liked this pair and this pair

That was a very easy list to compile.  I'll be back next Monday with more finds.  Hope you enjoy!

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