Monday Mix // 17

11:31 AM

Happy Monday!

There are a few things on this board that I have and love.  The rest are very enticing!  Here we go ...

A super cute sweatshirt covered in daisies.  $29.99 with code.

The long back on this deep navy flared hem top would look perfect with your favorite skinny jeans.

Porcelain glazed spoons dipped in gold are very pretty for a special little serving piece.  They are also available dipped in silver.

I think this is the best looking pen I've seen in some time.  Made from olive wood and bone.  Accepts Bic refills.  A portion of the profits go to helping orphans.  Money raised pays older women to care for children in their homes.  This insures the child showers, food, healthcare, and school lessons.

Oh Joy glass stir sticks.  I have a set in my kitchen.  They are so cheerful.  Would make a perfect gift add on.  Pair it with a mixer, cocktail shaker, or cute set of glasses or cocktail napkins.  These are adorable!!!  I'm also loving her salt and pepper shakers.  The outside is gold, and the inside is bright and colorful citrus.

I don't have one yet - but this is my favorite vase from Terrain.  Planning on getting one when my kitchen is finished.  And it will be awhile because we haven't started it yet :)

I picked up this set of Watercolor Cardstock Word Cards just because they were the perfect little thing to lay on a table or toss casually into a bowl.  I do this kind of thing at my house - it adds something unexpected.  It's not expensive.  Words included are love, fun, perfect, happy, today, and cool - plus there is one card covered in cut out stars, and one covered in dots.  They would also be cute tied to a gift.  Right now mine are resting in the center of my dining room table.  I should probably pick up another set or two - I can see them coming in handy.  You can even paint them if you wanted to.

What a fun palm tree pouch.  I think I have a thing for bags and totes.  They are useful, and can change up a simple outfit with minimal effort so I like that about them.

Black suede wedge sandals - this is such a pretty pair of shoes.  They would look great from shorts to jeans to dresses.

There are so many cute tops on this site - I ordered this stripe one.  I like this kind of top because I will wear it now in the heat, and then layer sweaters over it when it gets cool out.  I can wear this all year long.

The colors in this 36 Inch Bead Necklace are beautiful.

Lastly, another tote!  This one also gives back to society.  Stripes and Pom's - how can you go wrong!

Do you have a favorite?

Thank you for reading, and best wishes for a happy and healthy week.

This post does contain some affiliate items.  Thank You!

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