Making the Plain Donut Exceptional!

11:40 AM

Here is a very quick and easy way to take plain donuts to a whole new level.  Plain usually equals boring, but with minimal effort your plain donuts will never taste the same way again!  I have happily been enjoying this version since childhood.

  Place your donuts in a cake pan or simply on a baking tray.  Top your tray with foil wrap and clean up will even be a breeze.  Next, turn your broiler on low and pop the donuts in the oven.  Now you just watch them until they become lightly browned.  You will see the heat working with the oils in the donut - they will look like they are sizzling.  When the first side has browned flip the donuts over and brown the second side.  If you mess up and they burn a bit you can just scrape off the blackened marks with the edge of a dinner knife.  When they are finished remove them from the oven and let them sit a minute or so, and then be ready for ...

the crispy freshly made taste!  They are warm and have the best outer crunch!  Yum!  If I owned a restaurant this would be on my menu!  Breakfast, snack, or dessert - oh so good!

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