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11:20 AM

 I want to send a big thank you to Amy from All Things Home for sending the Stylish Blogger Award my way.  If you see number 7 on my list of things about me you will see that I am a chain breaker.  Breaker, breaker, breaker!  Actually, quite awhile back Debby from Inspired Design gave me an award and I thanked her and told her of my little habit.  I decided this time I would try really hard to not break the chain so here it goes ...  

I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself that you don't know ...

1.  I'm happy not being the center of attention.

2.  I can't hold a note, but I love to sing.  I also really enjoy watching American Idol. 

3.  I LOVE a good laugh!

4.  I always unplug our toaster when it's not being used.  Sadly, I don't just have this habit at my own house.  When cat sitting for my neighbor I would always unplug his toaster.  I did a lot of cat sitting - I wonder if he ever noticed?

5.  I may be quiet when you first meet me, but once I'm comfortable I can be funny ...  at least I think I am!

6.  There are times when I take a really nice photo for the blog, but in real life you would be surprised at the complete mess that is surrounding it!

7.  There is probably not a chain letter that I have received that I have not broken.

I'll add an extra since I already kinda told you about #7 above.

8.  Remember way back when - when Martha was in jail?  The Detroit News held a contest at that time looking for Metro Detroit's Martha Stewart.  I decided to enter just for the heck of it - I had just hosted a bridal shower for my friend.  I sent in photo's, the menu, the invite, and the favor.  Well, this is something I rarely ever tell my newer friends that I meet ... I won the contest.  I got to be in the paper - Homestyle section - even in color.  Very fun!  I'm proud because they received over 100 entries and many were from professionals.    I think I don't tell people because of #1 and because I am so not perfect and my house is not perfect!

So, enough about myself.  This is where it gets really tricky - I need to pass this award on to 7 blogs that I enjoy.  There are just so many more than 7 to choose from so I decided to choose from the blogs I  discovered around the end of last year.  One of the things all of the blogs I am going to list have in common is that I think each author seems so genuine and kind and I just really enjoy reading what they are up to.

Here they are in no specific order:

Ashlyn at Pinecone

Sarah at The Table

Actually, I'm going to stop at 6.  Why start completing chains now!  

Also, be sure to go and visit Amy and Debby at their links above!

They are both as sweet as sweet can be! 

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