Felted Tote - Summer in the City from Pursenalities - My Version

12:00 PM

Here is my new felted tote!  I knitted and felted the bag some time ago and it was just waiting in my cupboard for some finishing touches.  I would love to share what yarn I used, but I can't find the leftovers.  The cream is Lamb's Pride and the green and blue are heathered.

To finish this tote off I decided to use leather handles instead of the felted handles.  They were a cinch to sew on, and really a lot more sturdy than if I had made the knitted straps.   I purchased them at the craft store.  I made the ribbon flowers out of wired ribbon. While shopping I found the little blue flower ribbon and it matched so well I decided to add streamers below the flowers.  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  Scroll down to see what the designer intended the bag to look like.  Very different!

I liked the size of the tote - not what it looked like - so I just picked out some colors on my own and decided to go with stripes.  The pattern is from the book Pursenalities:  20 Great Knitted & Felted Bags by Eva Wiechmann.  I'm going to make another in pink and green.

Me with the tote - just so you can see the size.  

The how to for the flowers is coming next!


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