Amazon Prime Day - My Quick List of Very Me - Useful - Favorite Things!!!

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Amazon Prime Day.

I've never made a list for prime day before.  I think because I'm not a join the crowd kind of girl.  

Well this time I decided to take a look and see if some of the things I have/use/love were on special.  There were many items that are truly me that I enjoy using!!!  I hope you like some of my very favorite "life" items.

Super cute and functional cookbook stand.  I love the warmth of the wood - and change out that twine to your favorite pretty ribbon!!!

Books - I LOVE books.  The three above are the newest books from 3 of my favorite authors that I already own multiple books from.  I love Myquillyn's approach to decorating and her style.  All of her books are so good - great for you and great for gifts!!!  Welcome Home is her newest!  Kristin Cavallari writes cookbooks full of healthy delicious recipes.  Find True Comfort here.  And the Forest Feast cookbooks - beautiful works of art and the food is so-ooo good.  Another perfect choice for gift giving.  I'm ordering Forest Feast Mediterranian today!  With all of the books I listed here it is buy 2 get one free today.  The authors here have other titles also included in this special so do a search and check them out!!!

Pottery Barn type candles for a fraction of the price - and I really like the glass containers they come in.  Have them and love them!!!  Find this set here.  $27.99!

This rechargable lighter not only looks good, but it is fun to use! And actually a conversation piece.  I leave it out by my tv and it gets lots of questions followed by I want that!!!  Find it here.  I have the rose gold, but it comes in black (which would be a great guy gift), gold, silver, white, blue, etc.

This candle is not a part of Prime Day, but I wanted to put a real candle on here and I've loved this particiular one for so many years.  2 Pack/Votives.

I have blue light glasses by the TV, computer, and on my nightstand.  They really help my eyes.  I prefer the square shape.  I have this brand.  Find them here.

I add a scoop of collagen to my shake every day.  It's good for your skin, hair, bones, joints, etc.  This is the collagen powder I have been using.

I really like using little canning jars to store nuts and different food items I use.  They are adorable - they stack - and I LOVE how they look when I add a black old school label.  I was obsessed with this same label maker as a kid.  It's basic - and the best!!!  They do make other fun label colors as well, but I just really like the black.

OK - so this next one - my neighbor brought his over.  He is very tech savvy to say the least, but anyway with this set of wireless headphones there is nothing that goes in your ear.  First win!  You can still hear what is going on in the world around you.  That is good for safety and communication.  Second win!  And so comfortable!  Third win.  If you don't love this pair the check out the AfterShokz brand.  That is the brand I own.

And lastly, I have these in my backyard.  They are really fun - A WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE? item.  Fiber Optic Solar Flowers.  You may want more that one set of these!!!

Hope you like my idea of great Amazon finds.  

* Affiliate links are included, and I do receive a small commission when you make a purchase through my links.  Thank you for reading and your support.  I truly appreciate it!!!

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