Monday Mix // 83

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Happy Monday and almost Valentine's Day.  There are a couple cute items on this list that would be a sweet gesture for you to surprise your girlfriends with this year.  Why not use Valentine's Day to celebrate some of the most special and long lasting relationships in your life :) 

I've also been looking at so much lighting in the last week.  I have an entire house that I've been enjoying, but basically have done zero work to make it my own.  I need flush mounts and sconces and lamps.  I need to really sit down and start planning my rooms.  I've got to get the flow right.  I can make such quick decisions and just know when I help others - but myself - I think on things forever!   Maybe this week I will show you my powder room plans - I'm having a hard time deciding between a brass finish on the sconces or a brushed pewter.

Anyway - small world problems.  Let's get into the details on this Monday Mix.

Count Your Blessing Print - comes in 3 colors.  I'm really liking the gray, but seeing it framed in gold.

I picked up this set of hot pads last week.  The large one will be great to use as an extra trivet.

Pretty Flush Mounts - 1, 2, 3

Fun little indoor/outdoor cooking flame.  Let's roast some marshmallows in style tableside!

Light Oak and Rattan Mirror - when you need a little color and texture.

Prettiest soft and comfy napkins - you can buys sets of the same color or buy them mixed up.  I mean when you can find such carefree napkins that instill coziness.  That's really good stuff to me.  I'm pretty obsessed overall with the Food52 store.  It is so well done plus they have some really good stories/recipes on their blog.

XO mug cuteness!

You're my Favorite Candle Tins - simply adorable and I have a couple of their candles.  The vanilla lavender is a favorite.

Connect 4 - The design on this is so pleasing to the eye.  Simple and natural.


Thank you as always for reading and note that there are a few affiliate links included in this post.

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