Gotta Have Art!

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When I think of art that I receive joy in owning I would never find myself mentioning any pricey items found at the store or a fancy art gallery.  That's just not me.  The artwork that is truly special to me is that which has been made by my boys.  To see their creativity and to think of their little minds and hands hard at work just puts a smile on my face!

Things start out simple enough.  Scribbles and basic shapes. 

Sometimes they can show up at home with something crafty that you might never think of framing.  This is a brown paper bag that Noah had decorated and received treats in.  It still has the Easter grass poking out of the top.  I put it in a shadow box frame and just love it.  It reminds me of his days as a little preschooler.  So cute!

Don't overlook small artwork and never feel like you have to fill every space in a frame that has multiple openings.  I just backed this frame with a heavy watercolor paper and then added art.  This little heart was made by Josh and he has written down one of the reasons he loves his little brother.

Construction paper projects are really fun framed.  Glitter, doilies, printing and all.  
The words to this creation in my little artist's exact first grade spelling are:
Angles are good and do what they should.
Angles never pout and seldom shout.
Angels are sweet
as sweet as can be.
Would you believe this angel is me!
I love that this is so Noah!

As they get older they get more creative and start drawing things that interest them.  I am so glad I kept drawings from each interest because as they grow they move on to another thing and soon enough they aren't making any more pictures of that once favorite subject. 

Here Josh created a series of pictures.  They look great framed up together.

I really think it is just as important to frame your child's artwork as it is their photographs.  Preserve what your kids make.  They put their loving touches into it and are so excited to share their work and they love to see that you value and like what they have made so much that you placed it in a frame.  Kid art - It's fun, ever-changing, unique, whimsical and colorful!   Go through those piles of great works and treat your home to some today!

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