Mary Poppins!

10:07 AM

 I remember when  I first discovered Mary Poppins I thought she was so amazing.  Flying with the umbrella!  How much fun would that be?  My brother thought that flying with an umbrella really seemed like a great idea as well.  We lived in a ranch style home and we had really large old pine trees growing at the edge of the house.  We used to climb up the tree and walk across a branch that rested on the rooftop.  We then would run around or sometimes read a book on the roof.  Looking back ... not the best idea, but it was a lot of fun.  One day my brother took an umbrella up with him on his rooftop journey and luckily a neighbor stopped him before he jumped.  I still wonder if the umbrella would have collapsed before he hit the ground.  It was just one story ... he was light ... maybe it would have worked.

Here is a sneak peek at one of the items I found while out searching for treasures this week.  Can you see her in the middle?  It's a Mary Poppins spoon complete with her umbrella and little travel bag.  I could not resist this little mismatched collection of flatware.


I'll take more photo's after I clean her all up and I'll show you some other finds I was happy to stumble upon.

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