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I've been eagerly waiting for the day Detroit Garden Works would reopen their doors for the year. It is a shop I really wanted to share with you.  Now that time is here!  They have opened  for business and are readying themselves for the many busy months ahead.

Detroit Garden Works is owned by Deborah Silver.  Deborah decided that a shop would be a great addition to her landscape design business.   Her  creativity is undeniable.  Garden Design Magazine even named Detroit Garden Works one of the top 25 garden stores in America.  They carry a vast assortment of antique and vintage pieces as well as modern garden items at every price range you could imagine.  She assembles this diverse mix of items with the help of store manager and buyer Rob Yedinak.

This photo has so many great elements involved.  The snow against the bulbs springing to life.  The old metal basket against the wood of the tree and the stone of the bench.  It says to me that Winter is fading and Spring is making it's way to Michigan.  

 Upon entering the store your arrival will be announced by these two pups.  So much character!

The first thing you see as you enter the store is this display of various pots and some hints of plant life.  I really liked the cream pots that look like petals.

Here is a urn with a whole lot of history.  Truly one of a kind!  I love all the detail and aging of this piece.  Very graceful.

And another piece of history.

Wire baskets to hold your flowers or other various collections or to simply use as art for the wall.

I more than like this black and white botanical artwork.  The detail of the drawing is very precise.  It is a great statement piece.

Here is a really nice worn table and chair set.

  A few more one of a kind objects.

This gate actually sits inside the large atrium area of the store.  Doesn't it look like a summer day!  During the warmer months you will find artists sitting in this area painting and drawing.  Water fountains trickle in the background.  You think your just out shopping and then you suddenly find yourself in this area of beauty and tranquility.

One of my very favorite things I saw at Detroit Garden Works was this pair of wooden chandeliers.  I have never seen anything like them and really enjoyed everything about them.  I would love to pop one of them in my foyer if only I didn't already have a chandelier installed.  Aren't they over the top terrific!

Look at the intricate carvings and the worn surface of this piece.  Divine!


The metal spheres are so much fun.  I can see them being used both inside of the home as well as outside.  They could be very formal as well as very playful.  I'd like to see them hanging from the ceiling in a kids room.

I had to take a picture of the blooming flowers.  In Michigan we haven't seen this sight for awhile!

Here is another beautiful urn that sits atop a stone wall in the large outside area of the shop.  Check out the vines on the far wall.

More spheres - this time topping planters.  Such a statement!  I am reminded of my grapevine sphere that I placed on my urn at Christmas.  If you haven't seen that post yet don't get too excited.  My sphere is nowhere near this level of spectacular but I think my dog is.   To see my version and my Whippet dog click here.

A nicely aged bench to rest upon.  It looks like something you would come across in a fairytale!

Detroit Garden Works is located in quaint Sylvan Lake.  Be sure to visit the store website and Dirt Simple which is the blog written by Deborah herself.  They are both packed full of information and photographs galore.  They will also guide you to a couple other areas of her business.  

I also want to thank Deborah for allowing me to photograph her beautiful store.  I'll be sure to visit again when everything is in bloom and the store takes on a whole new life.   
I think at that time another post will be in order!

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