Quick Trip to the Flea Market

9:57 AM

Sunday I took an unplanned detour and found myself enjoying a very quick look through a little flea market that runs in one of our neighboring towns.

There was one lady who had some interesting items.  As I was taking a closer look at one of the creamers she told me I could have anything on that table for $1 a piece.  One dollar I thought.  It would be silly to leave the little creamer and seeing that there were two that worked so well together - why not!   I thought I knew just where I would use them.  I figured even if my plan didn't work out they could always be used to hold a flower or two.  I parted with my $2 and went along my merry way.  My oldest son was with me and he thought that flea market was the most disgusting place ever!  As we were leaving he said he felt itchy!  It was an interesting place to say the least.

When I got the creamers home they were really tarnished, but I only polished them enough to even out the finish where the original price tags had been.  I filled this one with some alphabet rubber stamps from the craft store.  They were a dollar as well.  Everything rests upon some old Readers Digest books.  There is such a great variety in their patterned covers which I think makes for some added interest.

Mixed with my old tin flower and Josh's artwork they now have a new home in our "walkout, man cave, media room area".  $2 well spent.

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