Speaking of Chalkboards

11:10 AM

I really enjoy the character that a chalkboard adds to a room.  Whether it sports a special saying, is filled with a child's artwork or is simply left plain, I think they make a very special addition. Here are a few of my favorite framed chalkboards.

This chalkboard was created by Christina at Full House.  I have been following her beautiful blog for some time now.  She is very creative and has a great eye for design.   She is also very good at thinking outside the box.  Be sure to visit her here.   This chalkboard was made from a once gold ornate mirror.  Instead of using the mirror itself or a board to paint the chalkboard on, Christina used a very thin piece of sheet metal.  Now it serves as not only a chalkboard but also a magnet board.  Such a great idea and it takes the usefulness of the chalkboard one step further.  Also, it is just truly beautiful and I love its large size.

I love the chunky frame on this chalkboard and the ornate detail that rests on top.  This chalkboard pairs elegance and simplicity and it is very interesting how well they play off of one another.  This frame was purchased from the Etsy store Blue Bell Bazaar.  You can search all of their vintage finds here.

This is Layla's chalkboard.  Layla continually comes up with new and inventive ways to use items that have seen better days.  I love that she created her frame by layering two old flea market frames together.  It makes for a nice substantial piece.  The two different paint colors add even more depth and character.  It really turned out fabulous.   If you have never actually had a glimpse of her lovely Lettered Cottage you must click here.  It is not to be missed!  Layla and her husband Kevin have created truly beautiful living spaces and they will keep you on your toes.  Just when you think everything couldn't be more perfect you might find that they have suddenly made new changes that top the already fantastic!  I could go on and on!  To see more of Layla's lovely spring mantle click here.

This large schoolhouse chalkboard belongs to the very talented Heather Chadduck.  Oh how I loved Cottage Living Magazine.  It was my favorite!  I think that this might have been the very first chalkboard I found myself longing for.  I love it's age, it's artwork, and all the character it brings to each space she has used it in.  It really is a wonderful piece of art.  Just a F. Y. I. - Heather now works at Coastal Living Magazine.  I am so happy we can all still enjoy her amazing work!

Aren't they all truly wonderful!  
I can't wait to add a few more chalkboard area's to my home.  
Where will you put yours?

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