A Little Bit Closer ...

10:59 PM

More work was done  in the fire pit area today.  We went out bright and early to pick up some more pea stone and to finalize what bricks we wanted to use for the retaining wall.  A little back and fourth travel between the hardware store and the stone store and our decision was clear.

Here is the trailer loaded with bricks.  This is the brick I saw a couple of days ago at the stone store that I really thought would work well in the area.  After doing our back and fourth shopping my first choice was the way to go.  Yeah!  Then guess what we heard ... discontinued.  You know how your heart kind of sinks and the big oh no creeps in.  I really had my heart set on this brick.  Luckily we wanted to use all four colors so it all worked out.  The shades are a light gray, red, tan, and a  deeper gray with red and tan undertones.   I named them off in the order my husband is arranging them.  We agreed that the wall would have so much more interest if we used all the colors.

Here is Rob's starting point.  He has dug out a trench and poured in some pea stone.  After he places each brick on the lower levels he uses the level tool to make sure everything is lining up perfectly.  

 In this picture you can see that the back of our yard has quite a slope to it.

 Here you can see that at the beginning near the pool we have the height of one brick but as the wall continues around Rob had to stack them two and then three high.

This picture really shows how all the colors are working together.  I am absolutely loving it!  

This is not being loved so much ...  another sprinkler hose in the way.  Projects are never easy but Rob is working quickly through each obstacle that comes his way.  This one is waiting for another day!

I'm his other obstacle.  This was kind of funny.  The two gray bricks are very similar and when they were put on the trailer they got a bit mixed up.  I decided I would organize the bricks in stacks by color.  My way of being helpful.  I had everything all lined up nice and was waiting for him to bring the wheelbarrow back up for the next load.  Luckily I didn't have any more bricks because when Rob did come back up he pointed out that I had stacked them all at the very back of the trailer so it was really heavy there and then lifting in the front pulling up on the back of the Jeep.  OOPS, never crossed my mind! 

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